10 Tips for Choosing a Martial Arts Program


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5. What kinds of students participate?

Who is in a martial arts dojo is a big deal when you’re deciding what dojo to train in. The levels and development of current students can tell you a lot about a martial arts school, in part because you’ll be on track to follow in their footsteps should you decide to join that particular school.  Look for a dojo that has engaged and focused students.

6. What facilities do they train in?

Though martial arts training has a reputation for being built on hard work and grit, a good program will also have a clean and safe environment to train in. This doesn’t mean that your dojo has to be pristine and full of new equipment, but it should be well organized and well cared for. Part of training is discipline, and that should show in the facilities. Your school should have mats to train on, safety gear, first aid supplies, and a place for people to observe training. That last one is especially important when kids are training in martial arts. Parents should be able to watch their children practicing.



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