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12 Advantages A Revolver Has Over A Semi-Auto That You May Not Have Thought Of


By Gov. William J. Le Petomane

For some, the choice to hold a revolver or a semi-auto pistol comes all the way down to the semi-auto’s higher capability vs. the revolver’s repute for reliability. While each of those causes are legitimate, most defensive gun makes use of can and are resolved with lower than 5 – 6 rounds at quick distances. And being mechanical units, revolvers can and do fail (although it’s uncommon).

As the 2 weapons techniques are basically radically totally different designs that accomplish the identical factor, being a revolver fan-boy myself, i’ve compiled a listing of 12 different inherent benefits to a revolver for many who are undecided.

1) The form of a revolver’s grip is just not compromised by the need of feeding an ammunition magazine by it. Revolver grips will be shorter entrance to again than semi-autos and they are often curved in a kind that higher matches your hand. A great, agency, snug grip does wonders for enhancing accuracy and recoil administration.

Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in .480 Ruger


2) A revolver’s cartridge isn’t compromised by the need to feed it by the grip both. Magnum Research even makes a .45-70 revolver. Try placing that spherical in an auto-loader and getting your mitts round it.

3) A revolver doesn’t require absolutely jacketed bullets to feed reliably. You’re free to make use of semi-jacketed hole points, semi-jacketed delicate points, lead spherical smelling appendage, lead wadcutters, lead semi-wadcutters, and my private favourite, lead semi-wadcutter hole points, a bullet design Buffalo Bore refers to as ‘Deer Grenades’.

.44 magnum cartridge bullet


4) Not solely will revolvers perform completely no matter how sizzling or gentle the rounds are, many are even multi-caliber. .357 magnums shoot .38 specials, .44 magnums shoot .44 specials and .460 S&Ws shoot .454 Casull, .45 Colt and .45 Schofield – that’s a few 10-1 energy ratio. Ruger even makes a Redhawk that shoots each .45 Colt and .45 ACP and Blackhawks that do the identical or .357 magnum and 9mm.

5) A revolver’s sights are firmly affixed to the barrel and body. A semi-auto’s sights are hooked up to the slide which reciprocates on the body to which the barrel is kind of loosely hooked up to. Not the most effective arrange for accuracy.

Colt Python

Dan Z for TTAG

6) You can see if a revolver is loaded with out even touching it. The shell casings are clearly visible between the cylinder and the recoil defend, and the bullets will be seen by the entrance of the cylinder. No pulling magazines, press checks, or racking slides to see if the handgun is loaded.

7) A revolver will be cleaned with out taking it aside. Just swing out the cylinder.

revolver cylinder

Jeremy S. for TTAG

8) A revolver doesn’t fling spent circumstances everywhere. That’s an apparent benefit if you happen to reload, but additionally no want to fret about sending a sizzling shell casing down your spouse’s cleavage. Also, in some jurisdictions, it might not be clever to fling spent circumstances together with your fingerprints on them all around the floor within the case of a defensive gun use.

9) A revolver can’t be put out of fee by urgent the slide again on a contact shot. You could not even know you’re below assault till you’re laying on the bottom. That’s no time to be attempting to get a hand free to push the slide again into battery.

Kimber K6S DCR (photo courtesy of JWT for


10) A revolver will perform and cycle simply effective when fired from inside a pocket or bag. No slide chunk both.

11) A revolver is faster and simpler to load. Granted, if you have already got a loaded journal useful, reloads are faster with a semi-automatic, however if you happen to’ve received to seize shells from a container and cargo a weapon, the revolver has a giant benefit.

12) Revolvers don’t have beaver-tails that may jab you within the aspect if you sit down. Maybe that is distinctive to me, however revolvers are simply extra snug to hold when pressed towards your aspect.



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