17 Survival Myths That Need To Be Forgotten in 2020


There is a whole lot of info that has been perpetuated via outdated wives’ tales, survival media, and individuals who simply have no idea what they’re doing. Here is my listing of 17 extra survival myths that must be forgotten or require important pondering expertise. 

1. Sucking On A Snake Bite 

Survival Myths

This one has been round for a very long time and luckily, it has begun to go away. Sucking on a snake chew will do nothing to assist the sufferer however it will possibly switch micro organism from the mouth into the wound inflicting additional issues.

Additionally, you run the chance of ingesting venom that could be on or across the wound. The smartest thing that may be completed is to gradual the sufferer’s heart price by calming them down, decrease the wound web site beneath heart degree, and get them to a hospital as quick as potential. 

2. Eating Raw Meat is Okay 

eating raw meat

In actuality, most uncooked fish and animal meat have micro organism and pathogens that may be dangerous to people. Other than taste, the first cause for cooking meat is to kill off any nasty bits hiding within the meat.

But what about sushi somebody all the time asks. There are a number of species of fish that may be eaten uncooked as a result of the micro organism that reside in them can’t simply dwell within the human physique. It is healthier to error on the aspect of security and all the time prepare dinner meat. 

3. Consuming What Animals Consume 

This might look like a good suggestion to eat what different animals are consuming however you’ll be improper. Yes, there are various gadgets that people eat that animals can eat however the reverse shouldn’t be all the time true. Birds for instance eat many sorts of berries that you’d do nicely to keep away from.

Some animals will snack on mushrooms that may be very toxic to us. Animals are accustomed to consuming what’s of their atmosphere, we’re not. When unsure, don’t eat it!

4. Drinking From the Same Water Source as Animals

This goes proper together with the above part. In no manner is a water supply protected to drink since you see a deer or some other animal consuming from it. Collect it, filter it, boil it, purify it, then drink it!

5. A Lean-to is the Best Shelter!

Okay, sorry lean-to however you aren’t the very best shelter on the market nor are you essentially the worst. You are nevertheless the only to assemble. What makes a shelter good is determined by the atmosphere that you’re in and what you want to be shielded from.

A lean-to is sweet at offering shade from the Sun and a slight windbreak from one course, however not much else. But if that’s all that you just want then you’re good to go!

6. Treat Hypothermia With Hot Water Immersion. 

This is a really dangerous concept. A hypothermic sufferer who’s positioned right into a scorching bathe or tub can go into shock. This technique may even induce a heart assault. Anyone who’s displaying indicators of hypothermia must be warmed up slowly. This may be completed by wrapping them in blankets, putting heat water bottles beneath their armpits, or via pores and skin to pores and skin contact. 

7. GPS is Failsafe

best gps case

 All expertise can fail. If it requires an influence supply, an internet, or satellite connection, it will possibly fail. Don’t get me improper, in case you are happening an outside tour, by all means, take a GPS system as a result of they’re easy, correct, and straightforward to make use of.

But what occurs if the battery dies, it breaks or it loses its connection? Always deliver a map and a compass and know methods to use each. 

8. A Fire is Better Than Shelter

This one might ruffle some feathers. Ultimately what is required is insulation. Creating insulation between you and the bottom and the encompassing space is what’s greatest. A hearth with out shelter may be put out by wind, rain, or snow. A shelter with out hearth is vulnerable to leaking water and wind whilst you lay on an uninsulated floor. Insulation first then maintain the remaining. 

9. Sucking On A Button 

This piece of recommendation all the time perplexed me. The concept is that in conditions what place water shouldn’t be obtainable an individual sucks on a button or a rock. This induces a person to salivate which they’ll then swallow.

This solely helps to beat a psychological barrier as sucking on a button doesn’t present any water by any means. Plus you run the chance of swallowing and probably choking on the button. If I had been you I might put this button within the drawer. 

10. Play Dead With a Bear 

I cannot see myself doing this with any predatory animal. But, usually talking, this is determined by the bear’s response to the scenario. Meaning you want to decide if the bear is actively attacking you or appearing out defensively.

If they’re appearing out defensively there shall be moments what place the bear stops going for you and can even retreat a bit. In this case make your self look bigger than you’re, make sounds, slowly again away, and keep away from eye contact.

If they’re repeatedly attacking your greatest guess could also be to struggle again by attacking tender spots just like the eyes, smelling appendage, ears.

11. You Don’t Need Survival Gear

best survival bike trailer

i’ve heard this all too typically. I’m solely driving ten miles down the highway, I’m solely happening a day hike, subsequently I don’t want any gear. Wrong. Bad issues can occur and so they can occur very quick with out warning.

It doesn’t matter what place you’re going, how in need of a timeframe you assume you’ll be gone, or how near security you assume you’re. Always take gear with you that can assist when an emergency occurs. 

12. All Clothing is Equal 

13. You Can Be Rescued at a Moments Notice 

We have films and tv exhibits to thank for this one. Just as a result of you may have a cellphone, radio, emergency beacon, and many others doesn’t imply you’re going to be rescued at your comfort.

Here how this performs out. You make the decision. The call is then transferred to emergency personnel. Depending on the circumstances you might not be given precedence standing (which means you’re decrease on the listing) Once it’s your flip emergency personnel make their option to your location, normally by helicopter.

As versatile as helicopters are, guess what, there are some places they can’t land. So then a secondary web site must be discovered what place they’ll make their option to you on foot or various mode of transportation must be organized to get to, resembling a ship, truck, water aircraft, or bodily strolling to your location. That all takes time simply to get you, then you must get out.

All of this takes time, so understand that you’ll not all the time be rescued at a second’s discover.  

14. Hunting Large Game Will Cure Starvation 

When you’re hungry it sounds nice to hunt a big animal to treatment starvation pains. But take a second to think about this. Large animals require extra power to hunt by way of taking them down, processing them, transporting them, and preserving them. But primarily they pose a direct menace to your security. When confronting a big animal, whether or not or not it’s damage, is a harmful proposition. 

15. Boiling Water is the End All Be All

There are some things to remember in the case of making potable water. Sediments, organic threats, and chemical threats.

Boiling water helps to neutralize organic threats and even then that isn’t all the time a hundred percent efficient. Boiling does nothing to take away sediments or most chemical threats.

For instance, water that’s heavy with sediments resembling soil could also be biologically protected. But consuming extra sediments may cause vomiting. Collect, filter, boil, and purify.  

16. You Can Survive Because You Watched A Survival Show

Thanks to the recognition of films, tv exhibits, and on-line movies, many individuals assume they’ll deal with survival conditions as a result of they saw these packages. While there’s a golden nugget of knowledge in a few of these packages what you want to perceive is these exhibits are exhibits.

They are enjoyment survival. Meaning that they’re closely scripted, the host is adopted by a security crew and a employees with plenty of provides. If you wish to study survival conditions, look to historical past, and learn the way individuals lived daily in what we now call survival expertise. 

17. Survival Situations Just Happen 

Very shortly, sure survival conditions can occur hastily. You are touring on a aircraft that crashes, or on a cruise ship that suffers a catastrophic failure. But by in giant, most survival conditions are usually not thrust upon us. They are a results of individuals not paying consideration and being ready.

They are a collection of errors that folks ignore. People prefer to assume that they’re the masters of this universe however that simply isn’t the case. Make correct plans, carry the right gear, know your expertise, have the physical talents to be within the outside, and take note of what you’re doing. If you keep track of these easy suggestions will probably be extremely unlikely that you’ll put your self in a survival scenario. 


Check out this video for extra myths:

Wrap Up

Did I miss any? Are there extra survival myths that you just wish to see go the way in which of the dodo? Sound off within the remark part beneath! Stay protected and keep ready.


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