2 v 1 – Academy of Self Defense

Get ready to level up your fitness game with Coach Andrea’s exciting 2v1 WOD. It’s not your ordinary workout; it’s a challenge that will have you sweating, smiling, and feeling stronger than ever.

What’s on the Menu:

  • 1 Bell Moves: Clean to drop lunge, Chest press with the opposite leg raise, Single-leg row to deadlift (left and right), Alternate high pull.
  • 2 Bell Moves: Swing cleans to squat, Burpee to swing.

This timed AMRAP workout will push your limits, test your strength, and leave you feeling accomplished. Don’t be fooled; it’s not just a workout; it’s an adventure!

Join the Fun: Coach Andrea is your guide through this thrilling fitness journey. Whether you’re at home or at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, you can join the excitement via Zoom. No matter where you are, you can be a part of this fitness fiesta.

Join Coach Andrea today at 10 am and experience the 2v1 WOD like never before. It’s not just a workout; it’s an epic fitness showdown. Let’s do this!

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