9 Ways to Use Shopping Bags for Survival Prepping

You know that pile of plastic or paper procuring luggage you have got stuffed away in a cupboard or the corner of your kitchen? Yeah, i’ve one too. Sometimes that stash tends to frame on hoarder standing however earlier than you throw them away try a number of the following makes use of for them chances are you’ll not have considered. 

Plastic Shopping Bags for Survival

Ways to Use Shopping Bags


Plastic luggage by themselves are a bit skinny and flimsy however by twisting them and tying them collectively sufficiently sturdy cordage could be created. You will not be rocking climbing partitions with these things however it’s ok to carry collectively an impromptu shelter and plenty of different light-duty duties.

Water Collection 

Stake the bag open whereas it’s raining, and you’ve got your self an prompt water collector. However, a much less apparent technique could be utilizing a bag to collect water from tree leaves. Green vegetation loses water by a pure course of referred to as transpiration. To accumulate this water, wrap a bag round a bundle of tree leaves. Make positive to tie the deal with finish of the bag shut. This will take a day or evening to see outcomes however it could present simply sufficient water to get you by. 

Transport Water

In the absence of a water bottle, a plastic bag can be utilized to gather and transport upwards of a gallon of water. The draw back is that these luggage are skinny and simply ripped. When utilizing a bag on this method use excessive care to guard your valuable water provide. 

Improvised Gloves

Plastic luggage received’t maintain up towards the tough and difficult nature of labor gloves. But if it’s essential to put a ways between you and a doubtlessly harmful or gross merchandise, these luggage will work in a pinch. 

Waterproof Gear

From matches to holding an additional pair of garments dry, a plastic bag is an inexpensive different to a dry bag. 

A Bag

I do know this can be a very apparent use. But generally there are gadgets that you could be not need to put immediately into your pockets, pack, or automobile. Pull out a plastic bag, drop the gadgets in and you’re good to go. 


Disposing of waste, both human or pets shouldn’t be one thing most individuals need to discuss. However, it’s one thing that everybody must take care of. If the plumbing stops working or you’re in a situation where waste can’t be left what place it’s, a plastic bag makes for simple containment and disposal of this explicit merchandise. 

Waterproofing Material

By laying out a bag, items could be lower out to put over and cling to broken gadgets. This will supply a degree of waterproofing. Such as over a damaged window or a gap in a tent. The bag is also positioned over your toes to maintain them dry when strolling by moist areas. 


When you see somebody with a big outside pack or a backpack that’s extra tactical trying in nature, a fairly good assumption could be made as to what they’ve. Most individuals don’t give a second thought to somebody who’s carrying a procuring bag. A procuring bag might be used to hold essential gadgets or instruments with out giving your self away to others. 

Paper Shopping Bags for Survival


Use strips of this thing as quick time period padding. Such as on the within of worn-out footwear. 


Need to depart a be aware or a set of instructions to somebody? Pieces of paper luggage work nice for writing down all kinds of knowledge. 


When it’s time to make a fireplace, one of many hardest issues to search out is appropriate tinder. Consider putting multiple precut strips of this thing in your fire kit. By doing this you’ll at all times have an accessible supply of able to go tinder. 

Wrap It Up

There is often greater than meets the attention if you take a look at an object. Before tossing it apart have a look it from a special perspective. You simply would possibly discover a totally different use for it.

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