A Common Sense Guide to Gun Control Terminology

A Common Sense Guide to Gun Control Terminology


Post-Sandy Hook after which once more post-Parkland, the gun management trade actually kicked into excessive gear. As we’ve confirmed time and time once more, gun management advocates and their enablers in the media base their arguments — comparable to they’re — on dubious scientific studies. They shamelessly, artlessly cherry-pick and twist knowledge to bolster their enchantment.

And no marvel. The details merely don’t help gun management advocates’ anti-gun agenda. Which is why emotional appeals are their major “weapon” of their limitless combat to limit Americans’ Constitutionally protected proper to maintain and bear arms.

To that finish, the gun management trade creates movies just like the one above and manipulates the language itself. Here’s a information to among the euphemisms and scorching button phrases gun management advocates use to manage the dialog about weapons. See what they did there?

“A conversation about guns” – Both gun rights and gun management advocates abhor armed criminals, madmen and terrorists. And but gun management advocates don’t have any need to debate something with gun rights advocates. Not (actual) gun security. Not enforcement of current laws. Nada. What they actually imply: take heed to us, not them.

“Assault rifle” – Technically, an “assault rifle” can switch between semi-automatic (one spherical fired per set off squeeze) and absolutely automated (a number of rounds per set off squeeze). Also, any rifle that can be utilized to “assault” will also be used to “defend.” What they actually imply: ban all rifles that don’t seem like conventional looking rifles.

“Military-style rifle” – There’s no technical definition for a “military-style” rifle. But gun management advocates know one once they see one: the AR-15. That mentioned, any rifle with out a picket inventory, and lots of with them (e.g., the AK-47), qualify. What they actually imply: ban all rifles that don’t seem like conventional bolt-action looking rifles. And some that do.

“Weapons of War” – America’s Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment to make sure that residents would at all times have entry to firearms appropriate for warfare (versus, say, duck hunting). The gun management trade makes use of the time period to aim to capitalize on the Supreme Court’s opinion (expressed in Heller) that it’s OK to ban machine weapons. What they actually imply: ban all rifles that don’t seem like conventional bolt-action looking rifles.

“High-Capacity Magazine or Clip” – The gun management trade makes use of the time period “high-capacity” magazines or “high-capacity clips” to mislead folks into believing that commonplace capability ammunition magazines (e.g., an AR-15’s 30-round magazine) are loopy and inherently harmful. What they actually imply: ban all ammunition magazines that maintain greater than 10-rounds.

“Gun Show Loophole” – While gun sellers should run an FBI background test on all purchasers and report the transaction, Americans should buy and promote firearms to one another with out operating a test or notifying the federal government. Background checks don’t prevent crime, however the gun management trade needs authorities supervision of all non-public gross sales. What they actually imply: the federal government ought to management — and in the end prohibit — all firearms gross sales.

“Common sense gun control” – The dictionary definition of widespread sense: “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.” The gun management trade makes use of the time period to steer Americans into short-circuiting rational contemplation of the details. What they actually imply: help gun management—any gun management—since you really feel unhealthy about folks being shot.

“High Powered Rifle” – This time period is used for any lengthy gun chambered in a caliber bigger than .22LR. Try explaining to anybody in a pink t-shirt that the standard looking rifle is much extra strong that the average AR-15. If it’s lengthy and black and scary-looking, it should be banned. What they actually imply: outlaw any rifle extra strong {that a} Daisy Red Ryder or a bolt motion .22.

“I support the Second Amendment” –  The gun management trade needs legal guidelines that violate the Second Amendment (“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”). But they know that received’t play in Peoria. So they add the word “but” after voicing their 2A help. What they actually imply: I need you to consider I help the Second Amendment regardless that I don’t. At all.

“We Are Better Than This” – The Brady campgain popularized this slogan years in the past and it retains popping up right here and there.  What they actually imply: Americans must transcend (i.e., ignore) their Constitutionally-protected proper to maintain and bear arms as a way to cease harmless folks from being shot.

“Gun Violence” – Suicides account for around two-thirds of all firearms-related deaths. Accidents symbolize a tiny fraction of the entire. The majority of firearms-related homicides are associated with prison activity (often linked up to gangs and unlawful medication). The civilian disarmament trade lumps all of them collectively to pin duty on an inanimate object (a gun). What they actually imply: really feel responsible for not supporting gun management.

“Gun Safety Organization” – Go forward and Google that time period. We’ll wait. What you discover is a startlingly full listing of civilian disarmament fronts like Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, one thing known as the Gun Safety Alliance and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. None of those orgs have something to do with precise gun security (i.e., the protected, accountable dealing with and use of firearms). Instead, they’re solely remit is infringing in your proper to maintain and bear arms each means they will. What they actually imply: plucky grassroots teams of victims and fogeys who combat the gun foyer and simply need everybody to be protected.

Please add to the listing beneath and we’ll add them above.

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