A couple of hunting rigs. 6.5 Grendel and a 338 Federal AR10. : guns

A few looking rigs. 6.5 Grendel and a 338 Federal AR10. : weapons

Got the barrel and hand-guard from Wilson Combat. It’s the 14.7 Recon Barrel. Upper and decrease receivers are Aero Precision. JP enterprises adjustable gasoline system, JP silent spring buffer system. Elftmann velocity security, Rise Armament single stage set off. San Tan ahead help and magazine launch. Lantac BCG.

The 338 Federal is up there in vitality much like the 30-06, shooting primarily 160-220 grain bullets. It’s for bigger game, however nonetheless within the realm for acceptable measurement deer. It’s a brief motion cartridge that’s simply touching magnum cartridge energy. Firearm is correct round 7.four lbs earlier than optic and magazine, so it’s a brief versatile package deal that may double as a protection weapon. 338 Federal is a necked up 308 to 338 diameter, so the mum or dad case is principally a 308 with makes it appropriate with commonplace AR 10 magazines and BCG. Ammo is tough to search out so it’s finest to hand-load for this cartridge. I stocked up fairly good on bullets earlier than covid, however since then I don’t suppose I’ve seen bullets or the brass in inventory wherever.

I’m really getting the muzzle break pinned and welded and can put a rifle inventory on it. The pistol brace isn’t that sensible and Id like some padding on there.

It’s an awesome caliber, nevertheless it simply by no means caught on. A bit obscure at this level. For essentially the most half it solely kicks a little bit tougher than a scorching 308 cartridge.

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