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saari finland shooting

A Finnish Police Chief is Found Responsible for Issuing a Gun Permit a Man Who Murdered 11 People

saari finland shooting


Five days earlier than Matti Juhani Saari murdered 11 folks at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in 2008, authorities tried to confiscate his handgun, however he wasn’t dwelling.

Finland violated the rights of the victims of a 2008 college shooting by giving the perpetrator a gun allow, the European Court of Human Rights dominated on Thursday.

Judges on the Strasbourg-based court docket discovered that in granting a gun license to the hospitality administration pupil who would go on to kill 11 folks and injuring as many extra, the Finish authorities failed to guard its residents’ proper to life.

Nineteen kinfolk introduced the criticism earlier than the rights court docket, arguing that the police precinct which granted the gun allow solely a month earlier than the tragedy.

“The domestic authorities have not observed the special duty of diligence incumbent on them because of the particularly high level of risk to life inherent in any misconduct involving the use of firearms,” the court docket present in a 6-1 resolution.

– Molly Quell in Finnish Police Chief Responsible for 2008 School Mass Shooting That Killed 11

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