Alarming body cam video shows San Antonio police officer shooting teen eating McDonald’s burger in fleeing car, cop has since been fired

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Concerning body cam video shows a Texas police officer shooting a teen who was sitting in his car eating a McDonald’s burger. The teen was in critical condition after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, and the San Antonio Police Department has since fired the officer.

Around 10:45 p.m. on Sunday, San Antonio Police Department officer James Brennand responded to a report of a disturbance at a McDonald’s location. While the officer was gathering information from witnesses, Brennard noticed a vehicle that he believed was the same car that had evaded him the day before, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

On Saturday, Brennard made a traffic stop of a vehicle because the registered license plate did not match the vehicle. Brennand suspected that the vehicle was stolen.

The vehicle in question was not involved in the disturbance at the McDonald’s restaurant.

Brennard walked up to the idling vehicle, opened the driver’s side door, and instructed the driver to get out of the red BMW sedan.

The startled teen is seen in the body cam video eating a burger.

Erik Cantu, 17, put the vehicle in reverse with the door still open and the car backed up. The door clipped the officer. Brennard then took a few steps backward, pulled out his gun, and fired multiple shots at the unarmed driver. The driver then drove out of the McDonald’s parking lot with Brennard giving chase on foot. The body cam footage shows the SAPD rookie officer firing several more shots at the vehicle as it drove away.

The body cam video shows at least 11 shots being fired by Brennard.

The San Antonio Police Department released the body cam video of the police shooting.

Cantu and his 17-year-old female passenger stopped not far down the street from the McDonald’s.

KABB reported, “Cantu was taken to the hospital in critical condition. He is listed in stable condition. He was later charged with evading detention with a vehicle and assault on a peace officer.”

Brennard was hit in the legs by the car door and treated at the scene for his injuries.

Brennard had only been on the San Antonio Police Department force for seven months, and was still a probationary officer.

The San Antonio Police Department fired Brennard on Wednesday for violating departmental tactics and procedures, according to KSAT-TV.

Officers are not permitted to appeal their termination during their one-year probation period.

San Antonio police Chief William McManus told WOAI-TV, “There is nothing I can say in defense of that officer’s actions that night. I think what happened, initially, there was some contact made, but that did not justify the shooting.”

McManus said Brennand could also face criminal charges for the police shooting.

(WARNING: Graphic video)

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