Alexapure Survival Spring Personal Water Filter: Hands-on Review

Having a technique to filter water is a should for any survival equipment.

Survival Spring Personal Water Filter

It doesn’t matter in case you are on an out of doors journey or at residence, clean water is critical irrespective of what place we’re.

Large particles and particulates resembling grass and filth may be comparatively simple to filter with minimal provides.

But it’s the little issues that we can not see in our water that’s more than likely to make us sick, or worse.

For this text I might be making an attempt out and giving my impression of an simply transportable water filter, the Survival Springs Field-Ready Water Filter.

Let’s begin by seeing what this water filter by ALEXAPURE has to supply.

Survival Springs Water Filter Specifications 

survival spring packaging


The filter is 8.75 inches lengthy by 1.25 inches vast. Weighs in at simply 0.2 kilos 

Three Stage Filtration

Removes as much as 99% waterborne protozoa and micro organism by means of a three-stage filtration system.

Stage 1 consists of a tricky grate on the backside for filtering out giant particulates and sediments. By eradicating giant particles first, the second and third levels may be more practical.  

Stage 2 is constructed of hole fiber membranes that lure pathogens as water passes by means of it.

Stage 3 is made out of specialised carbon that removes chlorine, sediment, unstable natural compounds (VOCs), dangerous tastes, and odors. 


Each private survival filter is rated for filtering as much as 300 gallons from any freshwater supply.

survival spring cap


The Survival Personal Water Filter is outfitted with a lanyard that may be hung across the neck, wrist, or hooked up to a pack for straightforward transportation.

Cap it!

At the highest of the filter is a cap that may be secured over the mouthpiece. This will assist to maintain the filter as clean as attainable on crucial finish. 


survival spring filter priming

Before testing out the filter it first must be primed. Instructions for doing this are included with the filter and listed here are these three simple steps. 

  1. Uncap the highest 
  2. Place the inlet backside portion of the Survival Spring in your supply water for ten seconds. 
  3. Take 5-7 quickdraws from the mouthpiece to carry the water up and thru the straw. 


I made a decision to try to prime the filter inside with common outdated faucet water. 

Now, the world by which I reside doesn’t have significantly good tasting faucet water so I believed this is able to be a superb place to start out and it could assist me to turn into accustomed to the filter. 

I grabbed a glass and crammed it up with water from a toilet faucet.

 Since this was faucet water, I wasn’t going to have the ability to see any distinction within the readability of the water from utilizing the filter, my residence water just isn’t that dangerous.

But I used to be curious if there can be a distinction within the style or odor.

After filling the glass up I adopted the directions and allowed the massive finish of the filter to relaxation within the water for ten seconds. 

I then took 5 quickdraws, pulling water up and thru the filter.

The first preliminary attracts had been tough. It was much like sucking by means of a plastic straw with a bit of ice clogging the tip. 

But after a couple of extra pulls on the mouthpiece, I may really feel the water being drawn up by means of the filter.

Once the water was popping out of the mouthpiece, I spit the primary couple of mouthfuls out. Sometimes there may be residue left on water filters and it’s good follow to discard what first comes out. 


I took one other lengthy draw and bought a mouthful of water, which I swished round for multiple seconds earlier than once more spitting it out. 

The water not tasted like my faucet water, which is usually a good factor, however as a substitute had an odd plastic style to it. 

I believed this was perhaps as a result of filter being new and determined to take 4 extra attracts from the mouthpiece. 

Each time I spit the water and will detect that odd style. The greatest means I can describe it could be like licking a disposable plastic cup.

i’m not certain if this style is regular, contributed to the filter being new, or just isn’t regular and mustn’t style that means. 

I didn’t just like the style that was produced. However, if that style is regular for the filter I may reside with it when water have to be filtered.

Using It

As I discussed above, the primary couple of attracts may be tough even after the filter has been primed. 

But as soon as the whole lot contained in the filter is saturated it’s fairly simple to drink and pull water out. 

Cleaning It

It is beneficial to wash the filter after each use and to permit it to fully dry out. 

To wash it, merely blow filtered water by means of the mouthpiece till the water come out of the underside finish turns clear. 

To dry it out, the filter may be given a couple of shakes to shortly discharge extra water and the cap ought to be let off to additional velocity drying time. 


  • Comes with a cap to guard the mouthpiece in addition to helps to maintain it free of dirt
  • Comes with a lanyard 
  • Compact and light-weight 
  • Easy to prime
  • Easy to wash 


  • More costly than competing filters
  • Filters fewer gallons per life cycle when in comparison with different filters
  • Filtered water had an odd style, however which may be regular

Survival Spring vs Lifestraw vs Sawyer Mini

Features Survival Spring LifeStraw Sawyer Mini
Water Amount Up to 300 gallons Up to 1,000 gallons Up to 100,000 gallons
Bacteria Removed 99% micro organism 99% protozoa  99.99% micro organism 99.99% parasites 99.99% microplastics/filth/sand 99.99% micro organism 99.99% protozoa 100% microplastics
Pore Size 0.2 microns 0.2 microns 0.1 microns

Survival Spring vs Lifestraw 

All issues thought-about, the Survival Spring Filter and the Lifestraw look nearly equivalent.

They are additionally extremely comparable by way of weight and operation. 

From what I may discover the within of a Lifestraw consists of hole membrane thing like stage 2 of the Survival Spring filter. But the addition of a carbon filter in stage Three of the Survival Spring provides it a leg up.

However, based mostly on the specs the Lifestraw can produce greater than double the quantity of drinkable water.

Survival Spring vs Sawyer Mini

Between these two, the Survival Spring Filter is simpler and faster to make use of over the Sawyer Mini.

But that’s the solely benefit the Survival Spring seems to have. 

The Sawyer Mini is the winner as a result of it will probably filter as much as greater than 300 occasions the quantity of water and filters out extra particles with a smaller micron ranking.

The Sawyer additionally comes with a small pouch that can be utilized for carrying further clean water whereas on the go.

The Winner?

The Sawyer Mini is the winner over the opposite two choices. It can be utilized immediately from a water supply, threaded onto commonplace water or soda bottles, and may hook up with inline water packs.

Filtering one gallon of water a day, the Sawyer Mini may final roughly 273 years. 


The Survival Spring Field-Ready Water Filter just isn’t dangerous, and that I do like that its stage three filter is made out of specialised carbon for eradicating VOCs.

 The downfall of this product is that it’s barely costlier than others and filters drastically much less water.

Do you may have any expertise with the Survival Spring Water Filter? If so, hold forth within the remark part beneath and tell us. Thanks for studying and keep ready! 

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