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In Texas, it’s a pretty safe bet that a higher percentage of potential crime victims own a gun. Or ten. The heavily tattooed Carlos Garcia, aged 36, learned that the hard way police say.

They found him about a hundred yards from a house where he had tried force his way into a bedroom occupied by a scared mother who was protecting her children. It’s unknown what he intended to do once inside. Whatever he had in mind, he counted on her inability to protect herself and her children.

He counted wrong.

The woman warned him that she had called police and that she had a gun. She told him to leave. It was a textbook response to an active home intrusion.

Mr. Garcia didn’t listen.

When he continued his efforts to recreate the famous scene from The Shining, she let him have one through the door.

Bingo. Mr. Garcia then decided his role playing as the Big Bad Wolf had failed and he promptly retreated, leaving a helpful trail of blood for police to follow.

After treatment of his wound, he’s now a guest in the Hidalgo County lockup.

From CBS 4/Valley Central . . .

Hidalgo County deputies say a man was arrested after breaking into a home Tuesday night and attempting to get into a woman’s bedroom where she was hiding with her children.

The woman, however, had a gun, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office said.

Identified by law enforcement, Carlos Garcia, 36, was found by deputies in an open field with a gunshot wound. He was medically cleared and then arrested on a charge of burglary of a habitation with intent, the sheriff’s office said.

At about 9:13 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, deputies and deputy constables responded to a emergency call about a burglary of a home in progress in rural Edinburg.

Upon arrival to the home, deputies talked with the homeowner, who told authorities that man had broken into their home through the garage. The homeowner said the man tried to get into the bedroom where she and her children had locked themselves to hide from the intruder.

“The homeowner warned Garcia that the police had been called and she had a gun,” the sheriff’s office stated. “When Garcia refused to leave and continued to try to get into the bedroom, the homeowner shot once through the door.”

Keep your doors locked and your garage door down. Doing so prevents uninvited critters like mice and ethically- and morally-challenged two-legged varmints from infiltrating your residence.

As for the unidentified homeowner, she earns our “Defensive Gun Use of the Day” title.  Good work. We hope she and her children recover from the experience as quickly and completely as possible.

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