Attacker “Picks” the Wrong Victim

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His future now in the hands of a grand jury, a 21-year-old Houston man had just left a downtown restaurant Sunday evening when he noticed a man following him. The man doing the following had an ice pick in his hand and reportedly approached the 21-year-old in an aggressive manner. Feeling threatened, the would-be victim told police, he drew a handgun and shot his alleged attacker.

Details of the incident in several local news accounts all seemed hazy, but two things are clear: people armed with ice picks should never attempt to challenge a person with a gun or it’s simply not wise to walk up to people in the dark with an ice pick in your hand. If you need ice, ask for it from a distance.

Police received a 911 call about the shooting, they believe from the shooter, who did apparently make the call. The ice-pick toting individual was taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile, news reports only say a gun was found that was used in the shooting, not whether it was on the armed citizen at the time police approached him or if it had been handed over by the man.

All indications are that the man who fired in self-defense has cooperated with authorities. We’ll wait to see what plays out in the grand jury, but with the details of the case not more clear—at least as it has been relayed by the media—hopefully this guy has some sort of self-defense insurance or at the very least the money for a good lawyer. Right or wrong, grand juries and overzealous district attorneys can provide for a scary legal ride.

And yes gang, in full disclosure, TTAG is owned by a company affiliated with U.S. LawShield. (Sorry to steal your “ah-ha gotcha” moment Mr. My Posts Are Always So Clever commentor.) But, whether you get their coverage or pay for a similar company’s services, it’s still a great idea to have someone you can call on for legal guidance to help you should things ever go sideways. And as all of us who read TTAG and other gun news websites know, it is very easy for situations where crimes are being committed, adrenaline is rushing and guns are present to go sideways in a hurry.)

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