r/guns - Another it's as good as it's going to get saga. For all that suggested I get an Enfield in my last post.

Couple people joked that I should get a Lee-Enfield in my battle rifle post, so here it is, along with all my other bolts. From left to right: Arisaka T99Vz-24 (Czech Mauser)Terni Carcano M38SMLE NO1 MK III* 1916 datedSwiss K-31MAS-36Steyr M95Romanian Mosin-Nagant M44 Yes, I know I’m missing a tonRead More →

r/guns - As good as it's going to get. My battle rifle collection.

Recently acquired a new battle rifle, so I thought I’d update the family photo. PTR-91 GI 100DSA “Hebrew Hammer” Israeli FALBula Defense M-14Springfield Armory M1 GarandEgypt contract SAFN 1949Syrian contract MAS-49Egyptian HakimSVT-40 (SA marked) SVT-38 magazineFN SCAR17S Won’t ever have the money for a 1941 Johnson Automatic rifle, and GewehrRead More →