r/guns - Brought my first Cimarron home today. Pistolero in .357 mag. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet.

Hey everyone. I’ve been shopping around pretty hard for a stainless steel Cimarron, and have learned a lot through the process. Apparently, the war in Ukraine is hurting the stainless steel supply and everyone is sold out of the models I was looking for (wasn’t wanting to order online forRead More →

r/guns - Just picked up this Hi-Standard Double Nine. Can anybody tell me anything about it? I got it cheap but it feels amazing.

Hey everyone, I just picked up this Hi-Standard Double Nine for $250 at my local gun shop. It felt great in the hand and I’ve been wanting a longer barreled .22 revolver. I know nothing about these though so if anybody does, please share! I’m dying to learn! Source linkRead More →