Federal’s Hydra-Shok Deep gains the addition of .380 Auto. (Photo: Federal) Federal began rolling out its new Hydra-Shok Deep .380 Auto cartridge earlier this month, with shipments arriving at dealers. The new handgun ammunition boasts impressive penetration with Federal reporting penetration beyond the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recommended 12-inch minimum.Read More →

The Laser Grip from Viridian helps improve accuracy for North American Arms revolver shooters. (Photo: Viridian) Viridian gives revolver shooters a laser boost, introducing new Grip Lasers for North American Arms revolvers chambered in .22 Mag. The Grip Lasers offer an “intuitive design” that activates automatically simply by the userRead More →

(Photo: DeSantis) Holster maker DeSantis accommodates new Taurus G3c owners, introducing 15 holsters ready to accept the new concealed carry pistol. The G3c models use American-Premium hides and “the toughest synthetics available.” The holsters are available in left and right-handed models with styles ranging from leather to Kydex to nylonRead More →

The VTAC IWB/AIWB functions as either an inside-the-waistband or an appendix IWB rig. (Photo: Black Point Tactical) Blackpoint Tactical joins forces with Kyle Lamb and Viking Tactics to offer up an inside-the-waistband/appendix holster. The Kydex holster features reinforced clips with a deep hook that helps stay in place even onRead More →