r/guns - Is it possible to buy an M829 apfsds projectile and sabot? I absolutely NEED one of these on my reloading bench.

The image is strictly what im asking about. Its an Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot from a 120mm gun. I completely will need to have one. Even if its a unique mannequin and tungsten carbide as a substitute of depleted uranium. Id additionally accept a coaching spherical. But myRead More →

r/guns - Took the cannon out today, the wife loved it. 150gr of 777 shot here yields 1,000 fps

We had been experimenting with completely different energy expenses. The maker recomends 100gr max, however thats BS. On 100gr it shot 700fps, and burried a golf ball absolutely right into a pair of 2x8s 150gr obtained us 1,000 fps, and 200gr obtained 1,300 fps. Its insane, when you think aboutRead More →