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Hello, fitness enthusiasts of Santa Clara!

Today, we’re rolling out the mat for a workout that’s as rhythmical as it is robust! Let’s shake off the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with the “BackSeat Blues – Whiskey WOD #33.” It’s an Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) routine that’s all about tuning in to your body and vibing with every exercise.

What’s Playing in the ‘BackSeat Blues’?

  • Bagwork: Unleash your power and precision, and let the bags feel the rhythm of your punches and kicks.
  • Booty: Target those glutes with exercises that are all about shaping and strengthening.
  • Abs: Focus on the core, feel the burn, and carve your way to a powerful midsection.

Cue in Coach James, our maestro for today’s fitness symphony. With his guidance and motivating spirit, the blues will take a backseat, and the energy in the room will soar!

Join us for a captivating session today at 12 pm at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca. Let’s flow through the blues, feel the beats of our movements, and sway in the rhythms of fitness triumphs!


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