BANS AND MORE FAILED GUN CONTROL: The Democrat Party Platform on Guns

BANS AND MORE FAILED GUN CONTROL: The Democrat Party Platform on Guns


The Democrat Party has let go their final party platform for 2020. In it, on pages 47 and 48, they spell out precisely what they keep in mind for the little folks in America. In brief, they wish to ban the manufacture and sale of America’s favourite firearms.

But identical to a foul infomercial, that’s not all!  They wish to initiate nationwide licensing schemes, ban internet gross sales of weapons, gun components, and ammo, ban the non-public sale of firearms and initiate a nationwide “red flag” scheme that may strip folks of their elementary Constitutional rights with out a due course of listening to.

Joe Biden doesn’t like weapons, gun homeowners or gun rights. He made it clear that plans to make Beto “Hell yes, we’re coming for your AR-15” O’Rourke as his gun confiscation czar if he wins in November.

biden beto gun control

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke gestures after endorsing Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden at a marketing campaign rally Monday, March 2, 2020 in Dallas. (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)

Joe doesn’t like AR-14s both.

That was even earlier than he misplaced the flexibility to recollect what he had for breakfast or string collectively a cogent paragraph with out studying it from a telepromter.

Before he turned clearly cognitively impaired, Joe famously suggested Americans to purchase a shotgun for dwelling protection. Because nobody wants an “assault weapon.”

If hassle comes your manner, simply fireplace two blasts.

Folks, the selection in November is obvious. You can vote for people who love America, gun rights and freedom – or you possibly can vote for Joe Biden and the people who loathe America, gun rights and freedom.

Here’s the Democrats’ ultimate place on gun management.

Ending the Epidemic of Gun Violence

Gun violence is a public well being disaster within the United States.

No. Gang violence is a public security disaster.

Over 100,000 individuals are shot and almost 40,000 folks die yearly from weapons—devastating not countable households, mates, and communities.

Two-thirds of these are suicides. Most of the wounded are injured in gang-related violence.

We can and can make gun violence a factor of the previous.

Does Joe Biden have a magic wand?

Addressing the gun violence disaster requires supporting evidence-based packages that forestall gun deaths from occurring within the first place, together with by making psychological well being care extra accessible and supporting suicide discount initiatives, funding interventions to scale back homicides and gun violence in neighborhoods, and strengthening protections in opposition to home violence.

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t help suicide-prevention efforts. However, some folks commit suicide due to health-related causes. Someone wholesome and who needs to commit suicide will discover a option to do it, with or with out a gun. Unless Democrats ban water, ropes, medication and stairs.

Democrats will even make sure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have adequate assets to check gun violence as a public well being subject, together with the continuing well being care, psychological well being, financial, and social prices that may have an effect on survivors and their households for years.

The CDC has confirmed that it might probably’t “study” gun violence with out injecting anti-gun politics into the method and making the ultimate product junk science. That was what introduced in regards to the Dickey Amendment within the first place.

Democrats will enact common background checks,

Otherwise often called a ban on non-public gun gross sales. Which, in essence, turns into common gun registration.  And we all know what follows gun registration.

finish on-line gross sales of weapons and ammunition,

Guns aren’t offered to finish customers on-line. But banning the sale of ammunition on-line brings management of all weapons one step nearer.

shut harmful loopholes that presently enable stalkers, abusive companions, and a few people convicted of assault or battery to purchase and possess firearms,

There are not any such loopholes, but it surely sounds spectacular to the clueless.

and adequately fund the federal background verify system.

Last time I checked, it’s funded simply positive. It’s been capable of deal with the most important gun-buying spree in historical past this 12 months.

We will shut the “Charleston loophole” and forestall people who’ve been convicted of hate crimes from possessing firearms.

Another “class” of individuals disarmed, for nothing greater than having bigoted opinions.  What occurred to the First Amendment? And who will get to determine what constitutes a “hate crime?” Especially in right now’s society what place many say that conservative speech is violence, whereas the left’s violence is free speech.

Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons

Actual army rifles aren’t out there to 99.9% of Americans.

Police patrol-style rifles and homeland protection rifles are America’s favourite rifle. Sort of like baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet.

and excessive capability magazines.

You imply like these normal capability magazines that America’s best-selling rifles and handguns generally make the most of?

St. Louis McCloskey Kim Gardner

(Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch through AP, File)

When considered one of America’s little folks has a complete mob of violent thugs making an attempt to loot and burn their dwelling whereas threatening to kill their pets, normal capability magazines can are available in awfully helpful.


We will incentivize states to enact licensing necessities for owning firearms

Oh, like Illinois’ Firearm Owners ID playing cards? Do you imply the playing cards that the Illinois State Police presently want 5 months to course of functions for would-be new gun homeowners?  The ones that preserve Murder City USA’s violent crime price right down to dozens shot every week and lots lifeless?

Chicago shootings, by date, in blue.  Red equals homicides.  Image through

and excessive threat safety order legal guidelines that enable courts to quickly take away weapons from the possession of those that are a hazard to themselves or others.

Oh, the well-known ‘red flag’ legal guidelines that enable an offended ex, mother-in-law, co-worker, worker or neighbor to strip an individual of their gun rights with out due course of? The sort what place the flagged (former) gun proprietor should spend 1000’s of money to rent an legal professional and contest the grievance in a proper listening to. And in the event that they don’t battle it, they’ll lose their gun rights mechanically for a 12 months…or two…or extra. Yeah, that sounds nice!

Because typical orders of safety are by no means used as bargaining chips in divorce and custody instances. Neither will purple flag orders, after all.

We will move laws requiring that weapons be safely saved in properties.

Lock up your security. SCOTUS has already spoken on that in Heller and McDonald. But keep in mind, it’s the Democrat celebration that interned Japanese-Americans throughout World War II, for whom civil rights take a again seat to the heavy hand of presidency. (In equity, SCOTUS initially authorised of the internment within the Komatsu case, underneath the specter of courtroom packing by FDR.)

And Democrats consider that gun corporations ought to be held liable for their merchandise, identical to some other enterprise, and can prioritize repealing the legislation that shields gun producers from civil legal responsibility.

Otherwise often called standing apart so gun and ammunition producers will be sued out of enterprise due to frivolous lawsuits.


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