Best Survival Food Companies: Top 3 Picks from Preppers, Buying Guide

In current years emergency preparedness has exploded and there at the moment are fairly just a few firms specializing in survival things to eat. 

Best Survival Food Companies

Survival food is things to eat that requires no or minimal cooking and is ready and packaged in such a means that it has a particularly lengthy shelf life. 

In an emergency when surviving turns into a everyday proposition, the above are two key parts for driving out a tough patch because it pertains to things to eat. 

Emergencies can vary from a two-day stint with out energy from a nasty storm to one thing much more reaching and devastating. 

Since we by no means know what could come our means it’s best to be as ready as potential in relation to things to eat. 

The final reply could be for folks to be as self-sufficient as potential on this regard. That would imply elevating livestock, fish, or sustaining a big backyard. 

Considering that a lot of the number living lives inside giant cities and cities this isn’t a direct reply to storing things to eat, but it surely must be the aim. 

Without having a renewable things to eat supply, trying to survival meals is an efficient selection for at all times having a stockpile of consumables readily available. 

What To Look For In Survival Food

When deciding to purchase survival things to eat, there just a few issues to concentrate on.


The very first thing to bear in mind is that survival things to eat is supposed for surviving. It will not be going to style like things to eat from a five-star restaurant.

Having mentioned that, these merchandise have come a great distance by way of style. 

Many years in the past, emergency things to eat tasted terrible. 

But now i’ve no downside opening a pouch or can and consuming one among these meals. 

And that may be a good factor contemplating these things doesn’t final endlessly. This permits an individual to eat a few of their stockpiles whereas rotating it fairly than it being thrown away.

Now that there are extra firms to select from and the things to eat tastes higher, I like to recommend getting samples or shopping for a single pouch earlier than buying a complete case or bucket. This will assist you to see which kind you want one of the best earlier than committing an excessive amount of cash to a single kind.

Shelf Life 

How lengthy survival things to eat lasts is the way it is. 

If it doesn’t style that nice that’s okay since you are consuming it to outlive and never for pleasure. 

But when an emergency arises, typically we do not need entry to the facility grid. 

This primarily impacts our capacity to refrigerate and freeze objects. 

Depending on the corporate and the product they make, survival things to eat can final anyplace from just a few years to many years or extra. The latter being the most suitable choice. 


Generally, survival things to eat is available in both a pouch or a can. 

This can depend upon the things to eat sort, how it’s ready, and the corporate that sells it. 

Pouches are going to take up much less house to retailer, will be resealable, are much simpler to move, however the packaging will be simply punctured. 

Metal cans are going to be extra sturdy however will take up extra space to retailer and troublesome to move. 

Be certain that you’re contemplating the kind of packaging in relation to buying survival things to eat and your emergency plans.

 Also, have loads of guide can openers readily available in case you are storing cans. 


The different consideration is how the things to eat must be ready earlier than consuming it.

Most survival things to eat will be eaten as is however following the preparation directions will make it extra palatable or simpler to digest. 

MREs and among the things to eat canned in liquid solely should be warmed up. 

But the freeze-dried meals want the addition of water.

Typically, sizzling water is used as a result of it makes it tastier. But in a pinch, chilly water can be utilized to reconstitute it.

Best Survival Food Companies: My Three Picks 

Mountain House Review

Mountain House

This firm will be traced again to offering meals for the United States Military throughout the Vietnam Conflict. 

These meals are so trusted that they’ve traveled to each corner of the Earth and have even been on journeys to the Moon!

They are extremely widespread amongst outdoorsmen, hikers, survival minded people, and people desirous to be ready for the unknown. 

These freeze-dried meals are available pouches, #10 cans, or buckets. This provides you the choice of storing things to eat in small quantities or bulk. 

Mountain home meals embody breakfast, entrees, desserts, sides, and meats. They have multiple choices that just about anybody can discover one thing they like. 

This things to eat additionally lasts a very long time. Most of their merchandise have a 30-year assure. This doesn’t solely imply it lasts for that lengthy however that it nonetheless tastes good after three many years!

When it’s time to eat, all that it required is just a little sizzling water and ten minutes of ready. 


  • Tastes nice
  • Variety of meals 
  • Variety of packaging 
  • Lasts many years 
  • Easy to organize 


  • Pouches can puncture simply so take care how they’re saved and transported

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We did extra detailed evaluations of Mountain House in this article.

Ready Wise Review

 Ready Wise

Ready Wise things to eat is the one different freeze-dried product that I have tried that I have liked

They have a barely completely different approach to how they make their meals.

They use a mix of freeze-dried and dehydrated components of their meals. This can create a meal with a greater style or texture relying on the things to eat merchandise used. 

Their merchandise boast a shelf lifetime of as much as twenty-five years and are as straightforward to make as including a cup of sizzling water.

These meals are available particular person pouches which can be then packed into bins or sturdy buckets. 

One perk to Ready Wise is that they provide a variety of things to eat merchandise that embody meals, greens, fruits, milk, eggs, and snacks. 

I just lately made an order and listed below are among the nice tasting meals I obtained.


  • A big number of things to eat choices 
  • Easy to organize 
  • Affordable 
  • Comes in single pouches or sturdy buckets 
  • Up to a twenty-five-year shelf life


  • Pouches will be simply punctured so take care when storing or transporting them

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Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Review

SOPAKCO is one other firm that has offered things to eat for the United States Military in addition to different authorities and emergency companies.

This firm manufactures a variety of various packaged things to eat however since i’ve solely consumed their MREs that’s what I’m specializing in. 

MREs are completely different than freeze-dried things to eat in that the things to eat is positioned right into a pouch after which boiled. This sterilizes the contents of the pouch whereas the things to eat inside accommodates its moisture content material. By retaining its moisture, the things to eat can style brisker than different survival things to eat choices.

Unlike freeze-dried things to eat, MREs will be eaten straight out of the pouch very similar to canned things to eat. However, some include heaters which can be activated by water, and who doesn’t like a heat meal?

The MRES i’ve eaten by SOPAKCO are superb and supply an all-around comforting meal partially as a result of extras offered. 

For instance, in a SOPAKCO MRE I obtained:

  • An entrée
  • A aspect dish 
  • A dessert 
  • Bread or cracker
  • Spread corresponding to peanut butter or jam
  • Napkin and consuming utensil 
  • Powdered drink 
  • Condiments that included salt, pepper, sugar, and occasional creamer
  • Instant espresso
  • Heater (non-obligatory)
  • And a moist towelette for cleansing up

While MREs will be costlier per meal, the comfort and variety of objects included outweigh the associated fee in my view. 

The two largest downsides to MRES are their shelf life and measurement. 

When saved at optimum situations of round fifty levels Fahrenheit they’re good for as much as 5 years. 

Although when saved at 100 and twenty levels, which is kind of heat, they’re nonetheless good for a few month. 

Given how they’re processed and all that’s included in an MRE, they’re a bit cumbersome and could be a paint to retailer in bulk.


  • Taste nice 
  • Variety of meal choices accessible 
  • Can be eaten sizzling or chilly 
  • An entire meal in a single bundle 
  • Up to a five-year shelf life


  • Bulky to retailer and will be troublesome to move in amount 
  • Short shelf life when in comparison with freeze-dried things to eat
  • Not figuring out the manufacture date earlier than ordering will shorten the shelf life

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Other Good Survival Food Companies…

There are MANY manufacturers of things to eat on the market. We have achieved evaluations of the next as effectively:

Check out these evaluations for extra particulars.

Open Questions about Survival Food Brands

Q: Do survival meals go dangerous?

Most don’t go dangerous within the conventional sense that they are going to make you sick if consumed after the expiration date. If they’ve surpassed one of the best by date, usually they’re nonetheless good to eat however could not style nearly as good.

Q: Should I purchase solely MRES or solely freeze-dried things to eat?

This is a private selection because it pertains to your style, price range, and storage capabilities. But i’ve discovered a combination of the 2 offers extra choices by way of preparation, transport, storage, and prevents menu fatigue. 

Q: Where ought to survival things to eat be saved?

In nearly each case, survival things to eat must be saved in cool, dry places, away from direct daylight. But most producers will present directions on their web sites for a way their things to eat is greatest saved.

Q: Can I make survival things to eat at dwelling?

There are some varieties of things to eat like hardtack and pemmican that you may make at dwelling.

Overall although for a full food plan, until you’re self-sufficient, these things to eat packages are going to be your greatest guess.

Further Reading…

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Wrapping It Up

One of one of the best choices in relation to survival things to eat is having a renewable supply that you may draw from and be self-reliant on.

But issues can go sideways in a rush and the survival meals, like these listed on this article, can assist to fill gaps in your preparedness.

Thanks for studying and keep ready!

Do you could have any expertise with firms featured on this article? If so please hold forth within the remark part under and tell us!

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