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Rifle manufacturers came out strong this year with more than a score of new deer-worthy rifles. Here’s a quick rundown.

Bergara MgMicro Lite


Bergara’s MgMicro Lite weighs a mere 5.8 lbs. and sports an 18-inch Cure carbon barrel. An ultralight magnesium micro chassis provides stability and accuracy. Features like a Bergara Premier action, foldable XLR Atom magnesium chassis, carbon fiber buttstock and grips, along with a TriggerTech Trigger making this gun a lightweight powerhouse. The MgMicro Lite is chambered in 6.5 CR, .308 Win, and 6.5 PRC and comes with an AICS-style detachable magazine.

Bergara B-14 Squared Crest Carbon

Bergara’s B-14 Squared Crest Carbon features include a stock crafted entirely in carbon fiber with an internal spine. The Crest stock also incorporates their M5 cutout, that’s swapable from an AICS magazine to a traditional floorplate. This stock is combined with the Bergara CURE carbon fiber barrel. It comes in several popular chamberings including the new 7mm PRC.

Bergara B-14 Squared Crest


The new B-14 Squared Crest is built on a lightweight and Monte Carlo carbon fiber stock. Bergara combined this new stock together with their B-14 action and their well-known barrels, resulting in a rifle weighing 7 ½ pounds before optics mounting. The B14 runs AICS-pattern magazines, and this one came with a 3-round mag. This writer’s rifle in 6.5 PRC averaged 1.279 MOA for 5-shot groups at 100 and 300 yards.

Bergara’s Wilderness Sierra

The Wilderness Sierra offers an adjustable comb, offering shooters the freedom to personalize their comb height for an optimized and comfortable shooting experience.

The Sierra is chambered in .22-250 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, 6.5 PRC, .30-06 SPRG, .270 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm PRC, .300 Win Mag, and 300 PRC. This gun tips the scales at 7.4 lbs. and is backed by a sub-MOA guarantee. Left-handed models, too. MSRP is a mere $1,099.

Bergara Introduces the B-14 Stoke

Bergara’s Stoke joins the B-14 lineup crafted for smaller-statured shooters. Setting itself apart from other compact rifles that merely shave an inch off the length of pull, the Stoke features a12.25-inch length of pull. The Bergara compact stock comes with three 1/4” LOP Spacers.

The Stoke is chambered in .223 Rem, .22-250 Rem, .300 BLK, .350 Legend, .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, 6.5 PRC, and 7mm-08. Magazine options include a floor plate or AICS detachable style. Weighing in at 6 pounds, the Stoke also features a graphite black Cerakote finish. With a MSRP of $899 this gun is affordable.

Ruger Gen 2 American 

Ruger’s American series of bolt-action rifles are proven tack drivers at an affordable price. After a dozen years on the market, the famed gunmaker just launched their American Gen 2 with a lot more bells and whistles.

Professionally applied Cerakote coating on barrel, muzzle brake, receiver and bolt handle results in a durable, easy-to-maintain finish. Length of pull can be adjusted from 12 to 13.75 inches as well as interchangeable comb height. A fluted barrel and more features make up the differences in those found on the Gen 1 models. MSRP is $729.

Beretta BRX1

Beretta’s first straight-pull bolt-action rifle, the BRX1 offers cold-hammed forging and deep drilling. The rifling and chamber are created in a single step.  The bolt is configured with an 8-lug rotating bolt head, complete with extraction claw and ejector derived directly from military technology.

Interchangeable barrels come in varying calibers, three trigger weight options, and fully ambidextrous bolt and extraction offer the ability to change from right to left hand without any tools.

With a $1,399 MSRP the BRX-1 is a few hundred dollars cheaper than comparable entry-level straight-pull rifles, and is as accurate and smooth handling as rifles of this type costing $5,000 or more. This writer fired several sub-MOA 5-shot groups with an early BRX-1 in 6.5 Creedmoor.

Springfield 2020 Redline

The Model 2020 Redline from Springfield Armory delivers a lightweight, custom-grade hunting rifle available in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. Featuring a minimalist Grayboe Trekker stock and outfitted with a 16-inch carbon fiber barrel, the Redline is suppressor ready or handles well with a supplied brake.

Combining light weight with unyielding performance, the 28-ounce Grayboe Trekker stock features an adjustable length of pull system — featuring .25-inch adjustment increments, with a range of 13.25 inches to 14.25 inches and adjustable up to 16 inches with additional spacers. The free-floated BSF barrel of the Model 2020 Redline is jacketed in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve and loaded under tension.

Two popular features among my evaluator friends are a flush-fit AICS-pattern magazine, and the bubble level behind bolt.

Wilson Combat NULA Model 20

Released in Q4 2023, Wilson Combat’s NULA Model 20 has won several prestigious awards already. I put a lot of rounds down range from a 6.5 Creedmoor version with frequent sub-MOA results. It’s 5.3-pound weight punches above the competition.

A Timney Elite Hunter Trigger set at 2.75 pounds breaks cleanly and crisply every time. A light-weight carbon fiber stock fitted with a Limbsaver recoil pad also features Nitride-coated sling studs. Scope Base Torx Screws are a beefy 8-40 TPI.  The receiver is machined and EDM cut from 4140 bar stock with an Armorlube DLC coating. Barrel threading is 5/8-24 with a nitride-coated thread protector to make it suppressor ready. Topping everything out, the rifle comes with corrosion resistant 17-7 stainless springs.

Weatherby 307 Range XP

The 307 is Weatherby’s first newly designed bolt-action rifle in more than 50 years. It gets its moniker from the 307 Area Code at the company’s new factory in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The M307 action is a 2-Lug, fully cylindrical action compatible with many aftermarket accessories. Model 307 is designed to accommodate the vast offerings of stocks, triggers, rails, mounts, and magazines that exist in today’s marketplace.

The overall impression is that this rifle sports a smooth action, clean lines and a lot of versatility. We’ve shot it and it’s capable of sub-MOA accuracy.

Mossberg Patriot 400 Legend

Mossberg is now chambering its Patriot bolt-action rifle in .400 Legend. Delivering impressive down-range penetration, accuracy and extremely low recoil, the .400 Legend is ideal for deer in states where straight-walled cartridges are legal and for a variety of big game including hogs and close cover bears. Walnut-stocked or black synthetic stock versions with 20-inch threaded barrels are now available. MSP: $484 – $669.

Uberti Model 1873 Hunter Rifles

Uberti USA brings the legendary 1873-pattern rifle into the 21st century with their all-new 1873 Hunter Rifle series. Now, 150 years after the original 1873 Winchester’s introduction, Uberti has developed two fresh models intended for the modern hunter. Chambered for the legacy .45 LC and the popular .44 Magnum cartridges, Uberti designers took advantage of their half-octagon barrel profile to install a conventional Picatinny rail. With this factory mounting solution, shooters can install a scout-style, long-eye-relief magnified scope or a conventional red dot optic for hunting applications.

Franchi’s Momentum and Momentum Elite

The Momentum Elite (pictured), Franchi’s headliner bolt-action rifle for discerning big-game hunters, is now available in .30-06 Springfield and .450 Bushmaster chamberings. Both models come with a 22-inch free-float barrel dressed in Midnight Bronze Cerakote and are joined to a True Timber Strata camo Evolved Ergonom-X stock. Hunters who favor the more traditional uni-color stock and blued barreled action style will want to check out the three new-for-2024 variants of the original Franchi Momentum.

Benelli Lupo Long-Range

Bucking conventional expectations that a precision, long-range rifle must necessarily be too heavy and cumbersome for practical hunting use, Benelli introduces the all-new Lupo HPR long-range rifle chambered in popular long-range calibers.

This Lupo’s ¾ MOA 5-shot guarantee coupled with a 2.2 to 4.4-pound adjustable trigger put this rifle into the “Bean Field Rifle” class. MSRP for Lupo HPR models is $2,949. BenelliUSA.com

CVA Cascade LRH

CVA launches their Long Range Hunter version of the Cascade model this year. MSRPs start at $900 for an 8.6-pound rifle chambered in several calibers. These include 308 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 300 Win Mag, 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC. Features like an adjustable cheek piece, a fluted barrel with suppressor-ready 5/8-24 threads and a muzzle brake cover several “must haves” for a modern hunting rifle.

CVA Cascade SR – 80 Scout Rifle

CVA announces their Cascade SR – 80 Scout Rifle with versatile sight options. With a high-capacity magazine, radial muzzle brake, and adjustable length of pull with a removable spacer, the SR-80 offers a tailored and affordable solution for those seeking a top-tier Scout Rifle experience.

The SR – 80 weighs 7.3 lbs, and with an 18-inch barrel it gives you all the maneuverability you could want from a Scout Rifle.  This gun is chambered in .308 and .350 Legend and has a MSRP of $925.

Henry Single-Shot in .360 Buckhammer

Henry’s Single Shot Steel Rifle .360 Buckhammer offers a 22-inch barrel made of blued steel. Overall length is 37.5 inches and it weighs 6.69 pounds. It comes with a brass bead front sight and is drilled and tapped for a Weaver 82 scope base. The stock material is American Walnut. MSRP $597.

Henry Side Gate Lever Action Rifle .360 Buckhammer

Henry new Side Gate Lever Action Rifle will retail for $1,298 and comes chambered in .360 Buckhammer. The 7.5-pound rifle holds five rounds and sports a 20-inch barrel. The receiver is polished brass, the barrel blued steel and it’s drilled and tapped for a Weaver 63B scope base if you don’t want to rely on open sights.

Colt’s CBX TACHunter

Colt’s claims that their flat-bottom receiver on the CBX TACHunter reduces flex and increases accuracy. The button-rifled barrel comes with a nitride finished and a thread protector for its 9/16″-24 threads. Another feature that’s a plus is compatibility with AICS magazines. Removable length-of-pull spacers and cheek risers allow for a custom fit. Their CBX Precision in 6.5 Creedmoor could also pull duty as a long-range deer rifle.

Savage 110 Scout

Savage Arms’ 110 Scout with Magpul Hunter Stock offers a multipurpose firearm. Whether you’re an experienced marksman or a novice looking to elevate your shooting game, this rifle is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. With its updated iron sight system and full length extended picatinny rail, setting this rifle up for any application will be an ease.

Savage 110 Ultralite Elite

Savage is taking innovation and accuracy to new heights at faster speeds with the 110 UltraliteElite. A Proof Research carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel and MDT HNT26 folding carbon fiber stock make the 110UltraliteElite put this rifle in the Alpine Hunter class. At about 5 pounds, the 110 Ultralite is designed to combat elevation and elements while maintaining the performance of a factory blueprinted Savage 110 action.

Savage Impulse KLYM

Savage takes innovation and accuracy to new a new level with their Impulse KLYM. With its exclusive Proof Research carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel and FBT carbon fiber stock, the Impulse can achieve lighter weights for higher altitude hunts and longer treks for big game. Every inch of the Impulse rifle encompasses breakthrough technology for repeat accuracy and enhanced safety. The straight pull action provides quick follow-up shots and the ability to stay on target in a high-adrenaline hunting scenario.

Savage 110 Trail Hunter

Savage Arms announced the launch of the 110 Trail Hunter, an all-around hunting rifle that can handle the elements. A full coverage OD Green Hogue rubber overmold stock provides the user with a superior hold on the rifle in all conditions. A Cerakote ceramic coating on the barreled action helps to seal out moisture. The 110 Trail Hunter is available in popular predator, varmint and deer calibers.

Smith & Wesson Model 1854

The Model 1854 is Smith and Wesson’s first foray into the world of modern lever actions. The standout feature of the Model 1854 is its smooth action.

These rifles are as functional as they are sleek. The polymer version’s furniture maintains a light weight 6.8 pounds with the forend featuring M-LOK slots at true 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions for ease of mounting accessories like bipods and tripods.

A Picatinny rail allows for a choice of optics and scopes. However, if you want to stick with the classic look of irons, a fully adjustable XS ghost-ring rear sight and a gold bead front sight come installed on the Model 1854.

A .44 Magnum 9+1 capacity, 11/16”-24 threaded 19.25-inch barrel, and removable magazine tube gives you a lever gun ready for the 21st century.

The Model 1854 is launching with two versions. First is a utilitarian stainless-steel bead-finish gun with polymer furniture. The second is an extremely limited-edition black version with high-grade walnut stocks where only 1,854 units will be available for sale.

Christensen Arms Evoke

The Evoke is an innovative rifle from Christensen Arms that offers four distinct, feature-rich models. Featuring a proprietary Christensen Arms action with a 3-lug bolt and 60-degree bolt throw, detachable magazine, hybrid grip angle, premium adjustable trigger, 416R stainless steel suppressor-ready barrel with an RFR-style brake, integrated Picatinny rail, swivel sling studs, and adjustable cheek riser. MSRP $948.

Christensen Arms MHR

Built on an aluminum mini-chassis with V-block bedding, Christensen’s Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR) provides the accuracy potential of a chassis rifle and the ergonomics of a hunting rifle. Its FFT stock, forearm, and grips can be swapped out to create configurations that suit any shooter and situation.

A 416R stainless steel barrel wrapped in carbon fiber helps shed ounces, helping it achieve a trim weight of 7.4 pounds for the 7mm PRC model.

The Ridgeline FFT offers a match chamber, and the barrel’s hand lapped button rifled profile get the free-float treatment.

Some other pluses for this rifle include standard Rem 700 optics base compatibility, a skeletonized bolt handle, black Nitride finish, an enlarged ejection port and a superb Trigger Tech Trigger.

Christensen Arms MCR

The Modern Carbon Rifle, or MCR, is a masterpiece of innovation. Starting with a lightweight carbon fiber stock, the MCR features an adjustable push-button cheek riser, full-length M-LOK on the forearm, front and rear QD attachment points, adjustable length of pull via spacers, and an integrated forward Picatinny rail section. The Remington 700-style action is topped with an optic-ready 20-MOA Picatinny rail and features a skeletonized bolt handle with an FFT carbon fiber bolt knob.

Married to the action is a free-floating, hand lapped, button rifled Christensen Arms Aerograde carbon fiber barrel with a Match chamber and suppressor-ready threaded muzzle equipped with a premium side-baffle brake. Rounding out this powerhouse of a rifle is an ergonomically designed hybrid grip and a crisp, adjustable TriggerTech trigger. The MCR is the Future of Carbon Fiber. This carbon gem tips the scales at 6.7 pounds and sells for $2,400.

CZ 600 American

CZ’s newest addition to the CZ 600 rifle series, the CZ 600 American, honors the American hunting heritage with its hardwood stock and blued metal rifle. Available in seven popular hunting cartridges, the 600 American integrates the refined lines and traditional styling of a classic Our range experience with a CZ 600 synthetic-stocked 6.5 Creedmoor last summer proved that this rifle is capable of 5-shot sub-MOA accuracy all day long.


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