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Over the last 25 years, Bond Arms of Granbury, Texas has established a unique interpretation of the classic derringer platform. Their pistols feature a double shot barrel that flips up and over the top of the frame making for easy loading and unloading.


Bond Arms Backup Derringer Has Got Your Six

One gun, four barrel assemblies, five cartridges, and that’s just a start. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/

Bond has 18 models of derringer pistols. One of their most popular is the Backup. It was a request of law enforcement officers and as such, it has a slightly different design from Bond’s other derringers. Most notably, it features a high-traction grip and gray matte steel finish.

The Backup comes in either 9mm or .45ACP. However, changing barrels on Bond Arms derringers is so easy and there are so many barrels to choose from, you can pretty much have this gun in in any caliber you choose.

Overall length of the Backup is 4.5-inches. Height is 3.8-inches. Width is 1.2-inches and the barrel is 2.5-inches long. The total weight of the package is 18.5-ounces.


Bond Arms Backup Derringer Has Got Your Six

The barrel flips backward making it easy to load and unload. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/

Bond Arms derringers fire in single action only and each barrel has its own firing pin. A brilliant design means the same pin can strike both center and rimfire cartridges. A prominent hammer spur makes the action easy to cock and there is also a crossbolt safety, clearly marked in red in “fire” position.

Bond Arms Backup Derringer Has Got Your Six

Crossbolt safety in fire position. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/

We found that firing the Backup in .45 ACP had a considerable amount of recoil. Firing in 9mm was much more manageable. The trigger does take some getting used to but once you got it, you can get some very decent accuracy results from this small package.


Bond Arms Backup Derringer Has Got Your Six

Trigger press takes practice — it moves down more than back. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/

The Bond Arms Backup has an MSRP of $540. That’s not necessarily cheap but with a plethora of barrels to choose from costing around $140 each, you can have a gun that fires a multitude of calibers, that is small enough to fit it in your pocket, and is guaranteed to go bang.


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Bond Arms Backup Derringer Has Got Your Six

9mm from 7 yards. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/


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