Bug Out Bag Water Storage Methods: Methods and FAQs

Water is without doubt one of the most treasured sources we have now. Given how essential it’s to life and our want for it, something associated with having clean water ought to all the time be within the entrance of our minds. 

Having a potable water plan when staying in a single location takes effort however is well doable. A house or bug out location will typically have ample provides for gathering, filtering, purifying, and storing water. 

An individual who is extremely ready for emergencies could have a whole lot if not hundreds of gallons of unpolluted water stored away someplace protected. 

But how do you care for water wants when you’ll want to bug out and keep on the transfer? Especially when all you will have is in your bug out bag. 

While it isn’t absolute, in case you go by the rule of three an individual can not go greater than three days with out water. 

Carrying a whole lot of gallons of water in a BOB just isn’t an possibility. Some water can and needs to be carried in a pack however there isn’t a technique to carry sufficient to final the period of a protracted excursion.

We could not be capable of bodily carry a whole lot of gallons of water, however we will carry the means to make a whole lot if not hundreds of gallons of potable water.

If you will have any inclination or plans to bug out during an emergency, it’s essential to take the time to totally suppose by way of the gadgets in your bag. 

This is much more necessary because it pertains to getting drinkable water. 

In the next article, I will probably be discussing among the provides and strategies that can assist you to keep hydrated with nothing greater than your BOB.

Let’s dive proper in, beginning with the subject of bottled water.  

Bug Out Bag Water Storage Methods 

Bottled Water

Carrying bottled water in a BOB is a viable option. The largest downfall of bottled water is the container just isn’t meant for long-term storage. 

Under optimum circumstances, bottled water needs to be rotated out every year. 

Most of us maintain our BOB in less-than-optimal circumstances, such because the trunk of a automobile or caught behind a closet. The BOB tends to take a seat there for lengthy intervals with out ever getting used. 

This turns into an issue if the water has been within the bag longer than it ought to and it has been subjected to temperature extremes. 

The longer the water sits in such a plastic bottle, the extra doubtless the plastic will start leaching into the water. 

When utilizing bottled water in your bag you will need to maintain monitor of how lengthy it has been saved and to keep away from exposing it to excessive temperatures.  

But most of us will most likely neglect about protecting monitor of this so here’s a higher possibility. 

Always maintain a few contemporary bottles of water out there that may be rapidly packed right into a bag at a second’s discover. This method you will have contemporary water in your bag when issues all of a sudden go sideways. 

Packing Bottled Water

Choose no matter kind of water you want however here’s a suggestion for the scale of the bottle to get. 

One-liter bottles present a good quantity of water whereas offering a sturdy container. Smaller bottles are typically constituted of thinner plastic that will not maintain up effectively to abuse. 

I recommend packing at the least two bottles if there may be room in your pack. This method, when one of many bottles is empty it may be sacrificed and used for one more goal. 


One of an important gadgets you’re going to want in your bag is a container that can assist to gather water and transport it. Below are a number of good choices  


A water bottle is an apparent alternative. Nowadays, many individuals have already got one in all these that they carry round more often than not. 

But in case you shouldn’t have one, they are often picked up at most shops and they’re fairly reasonably priced. 

There are two most important sorts of bottles to select from and every has its ups and downs. 

Plastic Water Bottles 

When selecting a plastic water bottle you will need to learn the labels to make sure it’s BPA-free. 

After that, the scale of the bottle and the ingesting spout is a private desire. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Affordable 
  • Durable 
  • Many totally different styles and sizes to select from
  • Sold at most shops 


  • Cannot be used to boil water. This is a vital unfavourable characteristic of plastic bottles. 

Metal Water Bottles 

Generally talking, there are two totally different sorts of metallic water bottles. Ones constituted of aluminum and ones constituted of chrome steel with chrome steel being the extra well-liked choices. 

Aluminum bottles are barely cheaper and weigh rather less however they’re simply dented. 

Stainless metal is costlier and a bit heavier, however they’re much extra sturdy containers. 


  • Durable 
  • Can be used to boil water in 
  • Depending on measurement it can be used to prepare dinner in
  • Reflective metallic surfaces can double as a signaling machine


  • More costly 
  • Heavier 
  • Can make sounds when being carried on or in a pack

Water Bladders

Water bladders are collapsible, however sturdy plastic luggage that take up little house when empty, however they will maintain multiple liters of water when stuffed. 

There are two well-liked kinds of bladders to select from. 

One kind consists of a bladder that’s hooked up to a protracted versatile tube. 

The bladder is positioned right into a backpack fashion bag and the tube is wrapped round and hooked up to the ahead part of the shoulder strap. 

The tube can then be used as a straw to drink the water with out having to cease or take away the bladder from the pack. 

The second fashion is a bladder however with out the tubing. The bladder might be carried inside a pack or hooked up to the outside. 

 While the second kind of bladder is probably not as handy as the primary kind, it nonetheless supplies an efficient method of gathering and transporting water.   

Resealable Bags 

Resealable plastic luggage of all sizes and styles are an incredible merchandise to all the time have in a pack as a result of they’re extremely helpful. 

You can select luggage which can be sandwich-sized or bigger one-gallon sized luggage.

 Considering that these might be bought cheaply at most things to eat shops, it will be a good suggestion to have multiple totally different sizes in your pack.

These luggage can be utilized to gather water from streams or ponds, rainwater, and even from inexperienced vegetation. 

While this shouldn’t be carried as a major water container, it’s a nice backup and takes up little house in a pack.  


Drinking unclean water can expose you to issues like E. coli, giardia, and cryptosporidium. Consuming untreated water could make you in poor health and trigger vomiting or diarrhea which ends up in additional dehydration. 

Once a supply of water is discovered and picked up, it must be filtered to take away massive particles, sediment and relying on the filter, microorganisms, and dangerous compounds. 

Even after water has been filtered, it’s best to boil or chemically deal with the water to make sure it’s protected to drink. 

Sawyer Mini 

One of the very best and hottest filters around is the Sawyer Mini.

It is an easy product that consists of a filter, a small tube, a group pouch, and a syringe. 

The filter measurement is 0.1 microns which take away 99.99% of micro organism, protozoa, and microplastics. 

The Sawyer Mini is difficult to beat contemplating its small measurement and that the filter is rated to be used as much as 100,000 gallons. 

Sawyer SP2103 Mini Filter Twin Pack

  • Ideal for out of doors recreation, climbing, tenting, scouting, home and International journey, and…
  • High-performance 0. 1 micron absolute inline filter matches within the palm of your hand and weighs simply 2…

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Seychelle Water Bottle 

This product is one other nice alternative as a result of it’s extremely simple to make use of and handy. 

To use, it is so simple as unscrewing the lid, filling up the bottle, and screwing the lid again on. 

The filter that’s hooked up to the ingesting straw is rated for as much as 100 gallons and removes the next from dirty water. 

  • 99.99% of micro organism and viruses
  • Sediments  
  • Chlorine
  • VOC’s
  • Dissolved heavy metals 

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Cloth Filters 

In the absence of a correct water filter, an improvised filter might be made through the use of a chunk of fabric comparable to a shirt, bandanna, or handkerchief. 

First, place the fabric over the opening of a group container. Then enable the water to circulate over the filter and into the container. 

This won’t take away microorganisms or different dangerous compounds, nevertheless it does a superb job of separating massive particles and a few sediment. 

Field Filter

A subject filter might be comparatively simple to make with minimal supplies. 

Take an additional, disposable water bottle and minimize away the underside.

Invert the bottle and start layering within the thing that progressively turns into bigger. Start with charcoal, then sand, small pebbles, after which bigger rocks. 

If a clean fabric is obtainable, place it over the ingesting spout of the bottle which is now on the backside. 

Pour water into the highest and permit it to filter by way of the layers. Collect the water because it drips by way of the material.

5 Ways to Purify Water


Boiling water is without doubt one of the easiest and most typical strategies for creating potable water. 

Heating water to the purpose of boiling and permitting it to boil for no less than sixty seconds will kill or inactivate most dangerous microorganisms.

This course of is best when the water is filtered first then boiled. 


When boiling water just isn’t an possibility, family bleach can be utilized to kill most dangerous microorganisms.

This course of is simpler if the water is filtered earlier than the addition of bleach. 

The rule of thumb is to make use of roughly eight drops of bleach per one gallon of water. If the water is cloudy or discolored, the variety of drops might be doubled.

After the bleach has been added to the bottle, briefly combine the contents up by shaking and permit the water to take a seat for no less than thirty minutes earlier than ingesting. 

Purification tablets 

These tablets are well-liked amongst outdoorsman as they arrive in prepared to make use of pre-measured tablets. 

The water needs to be filtered as finest as attainable earlier than the addition of the tablets. 

Usually, the lively ingredient in these is both chlorine or iodine, which is what makes the water protected to drink. 

The variety of tablets used relies on the quantity of water out there. After the tablets have been added you usually solely have to attend about thirty minutes earlier than ingesting. 


Iodine drops are one other viable possibility for creating protected ingesting water. 

Before including the iodine, filter the water as much as attainable. 

According to the EPA, 5 drops of a 2% tincture of iodine might be added for every liter of water.

As was the case with the bleach technique, if the water is cloudy or discolored the variety of drops might be doubled. 

Mix the water and iodine resolution and permit it to take a seat for no less than thirty minutes earlier than ingesting. 

UV Light 

When not one of the above strategies can be found, water might be disinfected through the use of the Sun. 

Small clear bottles of water might be disinfected through the use of the UV rays which can be emitted from the Sun. The UV rays destroy some microbes and might make water safer to drink. 

However, it is a lengthy course of and is best with small bottles of water. Expect to go away the water in direct daylight for at the least six hours.

How Much Water Should I Carry?

One of the highest questions that everybody desires a agency reply to, “how much water should I carry in my BOB?”

To be sincere there isn’t a clear reply to this query and listed here are among the the explanation why. 

On common the human physique requires 2-Four liters of water on daily basis. For reference, roughly 3.5 liters is one gallon of water. 

But this quantity might be much less or extra relying on age, gender, weight, what is the cost things to eat is consumed, any drugs an individual could also be taking, temperature, and physical exercise. 

Next, the load of water must be considered. One gallon of water, which is roughly sufficient for in the future, weighs simply over eight kilos. 

When carrying a pack in your again, the load provides up rapidly and water just isn’t the one merchandise you’ll want to carry in a BOB.

The common particular person goes to have a BOB weighing between 25-50 kilos. 

If you added three days of water, or three gallons, that may be 24lbs of simply water. 

As you possibly can see, including only a small quantity of water to a BOB takes up most of an individual’s carrying capability.  

So what’s the reply?

The finest plan of action is to find viable water sources alongside a bug out route. Initially, sufficient water needs to be carried to keep up an individual till the primary supply of water might be reached. 

Once there, water might be filtered, cleaned, and picked up. By repeating this course of again and again alongside the route, you should have sufficient water to drink with out breaking your again. 

How to Carry Water in a Bug Out Bag

Once you will have chosen a container on your water you then have to resolve the way you need to carry it. 

If you might be utilizing a pack with an inner bladder then the water container is already being carried on the inside of the bag. 

But in terms of a tough container, comparable to a water bottle, there are two choices out there.

Interior or Exterior?

The bottle might be carried both on the surface of the bag or on the within. 

This could seem to be an unimportant facet to consider however that might not be farther from the reality. 

There are two methods for carrying a water bottle on the surface of a pack and i’m not a fan of both of them. 

The first is in a facet pocket or underneath a strap. The second method that has been popularized is by hanging the bottle by an affordable carabiner or cordage. 

In my opinion, each choices put a treasured useful resource in danger. 

i’ve seen or personally skilled a bottle of water falling out of a facet pocket or breaking free from a carabiner or strap. 

When this occurs the water bottle can change into misplaced and even presumably break, spilling the ingesting water onto the bottom. 

The finest technique to carry water in a BOB is to make room for it on the inside of the bag what place it’s most protected. 

Simple Trick Before Bugging Out

It is extensively accepted that in regular occasions, most individuals don’t drink sufficient water each day. 

So, when it’s time to bug out many individuals will already be dehydrated which isn’t a superb state of affairs to be in. 

If there may be enough time earlier than bugging out, hydrate as much as attainable. This will put you in a greater place bodily and helps to stretch out a BOB’s water provide.  

Putting it All Together

There was a whole lot of data specified by this text so here’s a fast rundown and abstract. 

  • Stay hydrated
  • Have contemporary water learn to pack right into a BOB 
  • Have a least one container that can be utilized for water 
  • Have provides for filtering and cleansing the water
  • Create a private plan for gathering water once you bug out

Wrap Up 

I hope that this text has helped to shed some mild on probably the most essential facets of a BOB.

Three days is the universally accepted period of time that we should always not go with out water.

Even although it isn’t absolute the rule of three provides you a superb baseline for figuring out water necessities.

I recommend utilizing that period of time to gauge what is the cost water and water-related provides you will want to succeed in your vacation spot each safely and hydrated.

Thanks for studying and keep ready! 

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