Build An Earthquake Survival Kit: 15 Items to Include in 2021

According to the USGS, the most important earthquake ever recorded was in 1960 within the nation of Chile. It registered at 9.6, killed over 1,500 folks, rendered lots of of 1000’s extra homeless, and did over half a billion money in harm.

Build An Earthquake Survival Kit

Like most pure disasters, the earthquake’s impacts weren’t localized to Chile alongside.

The earthquake was so strong that one aspect impact was a tsunami that reached Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines. The takeaway right here is that even when you don’t reside in a area liable to earthquakes, they will nonetheless have an effect on you.

One supply, The National Earthquake Information Center, estimates there are roughly 20,000 earthquakes yearly worldwide.

That breaks right down to 55 per day! However, relying on what supply you learn, these numbers can change fairly a bit, however they solely go up from right here. Suffice to say, earthquakes occur so much although most happen with out us even noticing them. But numbers like that it solely is smart to be as ready as potential. 

One of one of the best methods which you can be ready when you reside in a area liable to earthquakes, is to create an earthquake survival equipment.

But what ought to go into the equipment? And what place do you have to preserve it? To reply that, let’s get proper into the center of this text. 

Building an Earthquake Survival Kit

Survival Kit Location 

When it involves survival provides the previous saying, “you shouldn’t keep all of your eggs in one basket,” at all times involves thoughts.

Earthquakes may cause devastating localized harm, particularly to standing constructions. Having just one equipment will restrict your possibilities of having the ability to get to it.

Spreading provides out between multiple places inside a house will will increase your possibilities of reaching the provides.

If there’s a equipment within the storage area however that construction has collapsed, a secondary equipment in the home can nonetheless be used.

When spreading kits out over completely different places for this goal, it is suggested that the contents of the kits stay uniform.

This means one equipment shouldn’t comprise of your whole medical provides whereas one other kits incorporates your whole instruments.

By dividing provides evenly your well being and security won’t turn out to be compromised simply because one in all your kits is inaccessible.

When it’s potential, put a equipment in your car, storage area, and a number of other locations round the home.

The Kit

Now that you’ve some concepts of what place the equipment ought to go, it’s time to resolve on what ought to into it.


The very first thing that anybody ought to do when making a survival equipment is to account for any particular necessities amongst group members, this consists of pets.

For instance, any medical wants or a backup energy provide for a medical gadget ought to be planed for.

Type of Container

 Next, the kind of container must be picked out.

There are many various sorts of containers and what you employ is a private alternative because it is determined by the quantity of provides being saved and your total emergency plans.

However, there are two principal choices.

 A pack or bag permits a person to shortly and simply transfer provides from one location to a different. But contemplating that an earthquake simply shifts massive heavy objects round, a backpack goes to supply little or no safety to the provides inside.

A tough case or container, like a sturdy plastic tote or steel container, will shield the provides extra. But the draw back to those containers is that they are often heavy and tougher to maneuver provides from one location to the following.


Locations have been chosen, private necessities taken care of, and the container has been determined upon, it’s now time to begin gathering provides.


An earthquake can simply rupture water mains or take out energy, which implies no operating water. One gallon of water per individual per day is an efficient rule of thumb however this doesn’t bear in mind water for cooking, cleansing and sanitation.

Since water is vital to life, we will solely go three days with out it, retailer as much clean water as you may.

Water Filters

Stored water might be compromised for multiple causes which might be attributable to an earthquake. For instance, part of a construction may collapse and break open saved water containers.

Small, transportable water filters are inexpensive, straightforward to make use of, and might filter lots of to 1000’s of gallons of water

Since these filters hardly take up any house it could be advantageous to have multiple of them readily available. Examples of such filters could be Sawyer Mini Water Filter, and a Seychelle Water Bottle.  


As much as we don’t like to consider it, the human physique can really go fairly some time with out consuming, multiple weeks actually.

But coping with an earthquake ravaged setting goes to be strenuous each bodily and mentally.

Keeping vitality ranges up by consuming common meals will assist fight fatigue, complications, mood swings, lack of psychological focus, and so on.

A big earthquake will definitely affect utilities like gasoline, electrical and water.

Because of this it could be greatest to have things to eat objects that don’t require refrigeration and as little to no cooking as potential.

For the above purpose, canned items are at all times a terrific inexpensive choice. Canned things to eat is filling and might be eaten straight from the can with none cooking.  

This leads me into the following merchandise on the checklist.

Manual can openers

Can openers

While some canned items include straightforward to open tab lids, not all do. If canned food is the supply of emergency things to eat then multiple handbook can openers should be obtainable.

Plastic sheeting and duct tape

In the aftermath of a pure catastrophe, thick plastic sheeting and duct tape will serve a mess of functions. A couple of issues they can be utilized for are:

  • Temporary house repairs
  • Impromptu shelters
  • Sanitation wants
  • Water assortment
  • Transporting provides.
  • Water proofing

One can’t have an excessive amount of of both of those helpful objects.

Trash luggage

 Just just like the above merchandise, you actually can’t have too many trash luggage. Some of the methods they can be utilized are:

  • Water assortment
  • Sanitation
  • Signaling for assist
  • Improvised shelter
  • Transporting and water proofing provides
  • Short time period floatation gadget

When buying trash luggage, thick heavy-duty luggage ought to be purchased.


Tools that ought to be added to this equipment are:

  • Pliers and a wrench for turning off utilities. Additionally the placement of shut offs and easy methods to flip them off ought to be identified
  • Crowbar or prybar for transferring obstacles and different broken objects

First Aid


No equipment is full with out first aid supplies. General first help kits are ok for the common individual apart from the quantity of provides they’ve.

Look on the contents of a primary equipment and bulk up on the amount of things.

Dust Mask

Due to the character of an earthquake, there’s a good likelihood there might be a good quantity of mud within the air.

 Dust will make it onerous to breathe and might trigger long run well being issues. Make positive that there are a number of masks for everybody in your group. 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 

To cope with particles and the risks of broken constructions you’ll need some PPE in your equipment. Items to contemplate are:

  • Hardhat to guard in opposition to falling particles
  • Reflective vest will make an individual extra visible
  • Eye safety, at all times eye safety
  • Knee and elbow pads to guard in opposition to scattered particles and will an individual must climb or crawl
  • Thick work gloves to guard hands in opposition to tough and sharp particles


An emergency radio will present pertinent warnings and updates when different sources of communications could also be down.

A radio that’s battery-powered, solar-powered, or a hand crank radio could be one of the best choices to have.


 Most objects that we use right now require a supply of energy, just like the radio listed above.

A wholesome stash of batteries ought to be in each equipment to run gadgets like radios and flashlights.

When shopping for batteries, at all times search for ones which have the longest expiration date on them.

 Another choice could be rechargeable batteries that may be recharged via a solar panel setup. For the aim of this text i’d keep away from docking ports that solely work with a wall outlet as a result of there’s a good likelihood the ability grid might be down.

Cell cellphone chargers 

Many folks preserve their cellphone chargers in a single location, akin to on stand subsequent to the mattress. But what if that charger can’t be reached?

Phone chargers right now are inexpensive sufficient that multiple of them might be bought and ought to be positioned in emergency kits.


Most folks most likely can’t bear in mind the final time they used a physical map to determine instructions. Everyone depends on their telephones for that.

But a cellphone might not be capable to get a sign or maybe it was broken by some falling particles.

This is why it’s at all times a good suggestion to have physical maps of town and state that’s lived. Don’t neglect the compass!


Being caught at midnight is just not enjoyable and might be downright harmful.

A great high quality flashlight is a should in any survival equipment and headlamps are among the many greatest selections as a result of they can be utilized hands free.

Headlamps are inexpensive, straightforward to make use of and there actually isn’t a purpose to not have them in an emergency equipment.

Emergency Whistle

The harm attributable to pure disasters can simply entice an individual inside a construction.

Due to harm or the quantity of particles between the trapped individual and the surface, a human voice might be troublesome to listen to in this kind of state of affairs.

In this state of affairs, an emergency whistle makes for a terrific signaling gadget that may alert rescue groups to a trapped individual’s location. Every group member ought to have an emergency whistle.

Wrapping It Up

As much as I hope an individual doesn’t need to expertise an earthquake or its results the chance of us going via a pure catastrophe in our lives, could be very potential.

 I urge everybody to please take the time to investigate pure occasions in your area and plan accordingly. Use the above article as a baseline for making a equipment that works for you, your loved ones, and pals. Thank you for studying and keep ready!

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