Business Insider: Very Dangerous to ‘Indoctrinate’ Young Americans That They Can Lawfully Possess a Firearm


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Get woke, go broke and learn to code. Such is the hard lesson over at Sports Illustrated after the announcement that all of their writers will soon become unemployed and the publication’s future remains “uncertain.”  Enter Business Insider.  nstead of writing about issues germane to commerce and ways to operate businesses more effectively and profitably, BI’s crack team of future coders have gone another direction.

Their latest pearl-clutching screed laments the dangers of teaching America’s young people that they have the God-given right to own a gun for lawful purposes, including self-defense.  Why, it’s almost as if BI interns took a press release from the “Brady” gun control org and decided to post it as headline news on their website.


From Business Insider:

The NRA wants your kid to love guns: programs promote 2nd Amendment absolutism to Kindergarteners on up

For the National Rifle Association, no American is too young to join in their absolutist defense of the Second Amendment — and that includes Kindergarteners.

As the NRA corruption trial began in Manhattan this month, the gun-rights lobby started accepting submissions from children grades K-12 for its 2024 “What the Second Amendment Means To You” youth essay contest.

The annual contest encourages children to engage in “scholarly research on the Second Amendment as well as reflect on how the Second Amendment and other Constitutional rights affect their daily lives,” as the gun lobby described it in a 2016 blog.

Leaving aside the oddness of asking the youngest of grade-schoolers how the Constitutional right to bear arms affects them personally, the contest raises alarms for gun-control advocates.

Gun violence remains the number one cause of death for children, according to the CDC. So there’s something almost macabre in enlisting children in the NRA mission to restrict gun control, said Kris Brown, president of the gun violence prevention group Brady.

“Eight kids a day are killed or injured by guns in the home,” said Brown, calling that grim statistic “uniquely American.”

“It’s very dangerous for younger Americans to be indoctrinated with the viewpoint that the Second Amendment allows every American to lawfully possess a firearm,” she said.

The full-throated attack on educating America’s young people on the rights the Constitution protects from statists and tyrants should shock us all. But knowledge about running businesses successfully and profitably doesn’t seem deep among the writers there.

After all, on the homepage visitors are treated with articles on how the world’s richest man can’t possibly succeed without woke advertisers (“X is left with advertisers pushing dubious cryptocurrency and AI ‘undressing’ apps, users say after Musk’s outburst“) and how the ultrawealthy don’t like waiting for things in Davos (“Even the ultrawealthy had to wait in long lines at Davos — and they were reportedly annoyed about it”).  The closest they come to business is a pair of stories lamenting how people are opposed to more “universal basic income” (“Texas senator says the plan to give poor residents a $500 guaranteed basic income is unconstitutional” and “GOP lawmakers in Iowa seek to block guaranteed basic income programs, calling them ‘insane‘”)

Oh, and what else does the nation’s most-evil, longest-running civil rights organization do that BI and their friends at Brady find so objection?

The NRA offers other contests and scholarships for children.

The group sponsors cash prizes of up to $1,000 for first-through-12th graders who create artwork portraying “any North American game bird or animal that may be legally hunted or trapped.”

High schoolers can apply for an all-expense-paid summer Youth Education Summit in Washington, DC.

The gun lobby also offers free training programs through an online education course in several states; the New Mexico and Alabama program takes kids 10 and up. In Texas and Kentucky, it’s 9 and up.

Prizes for artwork and free gun safety training programs!  Oh no!  That all needs to stop.

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