Canada Prime Minister Announces National Handgun Freeze…Or So He Thinks

TORONTO – NOVEMBER 2 :Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking to a crowd during a fund raising event organized by the Liberal Party of Canada on November 2, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

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Someone forgot to tell Justin Trudeau that he can’t stop the signal. On Friday, October 21, the feeble Canadian Prime Minister announced that handgun ownership has been frozen. No further purchases, transfers or imports of handguns are allowed. At least under officially recognized government databases.

And Canada has more plans to crack down on civilian firearm ownership.

The Canadian government said it’s seen a drastic rise in the number of guns in the country over the last decade, with 70% more handguns in Canada than there were in 2010. The gun freeze was implemented as another gun-control bill was working its way through the Canadian parliament — what the government says will be the strongest gun-control measure in more than 40 years. 

But there’s a problem in Prime Minister Zoolander’s land of make-believe…and it’s not legally armed Canadians. It’s the fact that people can and do 3-D print their own handguns or purchase them on the so-called “black market” without asking the Canadian government for permission

The dim-bulb, culturally misappropriating PM wrote this on his website . . .

Fewer guns mean safer communities. That’s why the Government of Canada is implementing some of the strongest gun control measures in a generation. Handguns are the weapon of choice in most firearm-related crimes, which is why limiting the number of handguns is a critical part of our plan to protect Canadians from gun violence.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the national freeze on the sale, purchase, and transfer of handguns comes into effect. From now on, people cannot buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada, and they cannot bring newly acquired handguns into the country.

A national handgun freeze was first announced alongside Bill C-21, the strongest gun control measures in over 40 years, in May 2022. While the bill continues to be debated in Parliament, we are taking immediate action through regulations to keep Canadians safe.

The national handgun freeze is part of the government’s comprehensive plan to tackle gun violence. We have already banned over 1,500 types of assault-style firearms and have strengthened our gun control laws to expand background checks. Bill C-21 proposes further measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands like revoking the firearms licences of those involved in acts of domestic violence or criminal harassment, continuing to fight gun smuggling and trafficking, and providing law enforcement more tools to investigate firearms crimes.

One life taken by gun violence is one too many. We will continue to work with provinces, territories, Indigenous communities, and municipalities to keep Canadians safe. We will continue to do whatever it takes to keep guns out of our communities and build a safer country, for everyone.


What about lives lost because of government-mandated bans on legitimately owning a handgun for personal defense?

Why is the Prime Minister your more inclined to protect criminals than Canada’s law-abiding subjects?

Has the PM never heard of “ghost guns” or 3-D printed guns?

As hard as he tries and as furiously as he flails trying to smother armed self defense in the Great White North, freedom won’t die. Canadians will find a way.


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