Doug Howlett Photo Next Post Coming Soon…▶ The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced that the agency was distributing $1.3 billion to the states to fund wildlife conservation, public land access, recreational shooting range construction and improvement and hunter education. That’s a figure that firearm and ammunition manufacturers are proud ofRead More →

Mistakes Gun Owners Make Gun ownership is a fundamental civil liberty, but just like all rights, it requires responsibility. Here are five mistakes that some gun owners make, and how you can avoid them:   Mistakes Gun Owners Make 1. Poor Storage Choices Don’t store your weapons out in theRead More →

Are you stockpiling ammo? Amongst all the critical supplies that survivalists stockpile, there is nothing more controversial than ammunition. When it comes to food and water, you never hear someone saying, “That’s too much.” But you can hear that with ammo. You can also hear a lot of people spoutingRead More →