Coming Soon to the USA? British Government’s Anti-Gun PSA Debuts

Boch screengrab from YouTube courtesy the UK National Crime Agency.

The Brits have fobbed off the previously Princely Harry and his wretched spouse Meghan to us right here within the USA. Thanks for nothing. Now, the UK has blessed the world with a brand new public security announcement speaking about how nice life is as a defenseless sheep and the way scary and harmful these icky weapons actually are.

If solely the UK would throw its civilian disarmament legal guidelines on the ash heap of historical past, maybe British topics may defend then themselves towards the bloody brutes and violent predators who function there whereas the police tackle and arrest residents who dare to protest peacefully.

Alas, it should seemingly by no means occur in our lifetimes. Once a number living is disarmed, it hardly ever will get its gun rights again. So, as a substitute of defending themselves when attacked, even in their own homes, British topics merely should cower within the face of violent criminals and beg for mercy.

Meanwhile, if the brand new National Crime Agency’s PSA is any indication, the government-funded advert will assist maintain firearm possession by the little individuals a excessive crime as a substitute of a civil proper.

“Life… you only get one shot at it,” the piece begins.  Then, because it winds down, “Lives ruined just for firing one.”


Image by Boch. Yes, she has her finger on the set off. It was her first time shooting an “AR-style” lengthy gun and he or she was empty and excited (after which some). She nonetheless retained good muzzle management and was endorsed in regards to the set off finger on the bang switch afterwards.
Image by Boch.

Clearly these lives are being totally ruined only for firing a gun. The NCA had this description beneath the video on YouTube:

Life is filled with alternative. Your household unit, pals and future are on the road. It is the NCA’s mission to crack down on the sale and distribution of unlawful firearms. Life is a chance. Don’t miss your shot. #KnowTheLegislation​: nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/what-we-do/crime-threats/firearms

Keep in thoughts that nearly all firearms are unlawful firearms within the UK. And British-style gun legal guidelines are a objective America’s Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex has lengthy labored towards on this facet of the Atlantic.

Could a PSA like this run in America beneath President BidenHarris’ regime? They will if the Dianne Feinsteins, Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers have their method. President BidenHarris’s handlers aren’t significantly that keen on deplorables…or their weapons. If you want a glimpse of the long run they need for Americans and their gun rights, you solely want to take a look at life within the gun-free utopia of the UK.

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