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Could a President Biden Tax Guns and Ammo by Executive Order?

Could a President Biden Tax Guns and Ammo by Executive Order?


Listen to “Spike in guns and ammo sales amid pandemic || 1370 WSPD Toledo || 8/10/20” on Spreaker.

[This exchange begins at the 8:36 mark of the audio file at the link above.]

Q: Emily, one of many considerations I’ve acquired over President Trump’s government orders issued over the weekend affecting the payroll tax, if that’s upheld, if that survived lawsuits. I did discover some sections of the US code that makes this authorized for the President to order.

Unfortunately, I additionally assume it units a foul precedent what place a brand new President who might not be as pleasant in direction of the Second Amendment as Donald Trump has confirmed to be might are available in and order an government order growing taxes on ammunition or gun gross sales. And simply the identical manner, have the identical impact, with out having to undergo Congress.

A: Yeah, that’s actually scary. Now the excellent news is the Supreme Court, though they’ve been actually unwilling to take up new Second Amendment points, even in our new composition of the Court, our most up-to-date new composition which we positive thought they might be much more prone to take up Second Amendment instances. Now, despite the fact that they’ve not been as pleasant as we thought, they’re and stay prone to take up problems with government authority.

So that’s excellent news and we will solely hope that if a brand new President oversteps bounds, tries to tax firearm producers out of enterprise and tax Americans out of their Second Amendment rights, that that’s one thing the Supreme Court would take up and hopefully put the kibosh on fairly rapidly.

– Attorney Emily Taylor in Spike in guns and ammo sales amid pandemic


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