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Dean’s Last Dance: A Heart-Pumping Tribute WOD

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Get ready to experience a WOD like no other as we pay tribute to a special member of our fitness family – Coach Mike’s beloved dog, Dean. Join us for “Dean’s Last Dance,” a workout that will not only challenge your limits but also celebrate the memory of a furry friend who brought so much joy to our lives.

As the name suggests, this WOD is all about fun, excitement, and camaraderie. It’s a chance to remember the good times we shared with Dean and to honor his spirit with every rep and every move.

Let’s dive into the details of “Dean’s Last Dance” WOD:

  1. 20 Lateral Ski Hops: Let’s get the party started with some side-to-side ski hops. Channel Dean’s playful energy and leap into action!
  2. 18 KB Swings: Grab those kettlebells and swing away! Dean would approve of these dynamic movements.
  3. 16 Roundhouse Kicks: Feel the power in your legs as you execute those roundhouse kicks. Kick it like Dean did – with style!
  4. 14 Plank Punches: Unleash your inner fighter with plank punches. Imagine Dean cheering you on with a wagging tail!
  5. 12 Deadlifts: Lift those weights with love and dedication, just like the love Dean gave us every day.
  6. 10 Jump Squats: Spring into the air and embrace the joy of movement. This one’s for you, Dean!
  7. 8 V-Ups: Strengthen your core with v-ups. Remember how Dean loved to play fetch and how he’d always come back for more.
  8. 6 Decline Push-Ups: Challenge yourself with decline push-ups. You’ve got this – and Dean believes in you too!
  9. 4 Combos 1-4: This one’s for our four-legged friend. Perform combos 1 to 4 with heart and soul.
  10. 2 Dean (Bear) Crawls: As we near the end of the WOD, let’s pay homage to Dean with bear crawls. He was the ultimate bear hugger!

Today’s GRIT class at 7 pm with Coach Mike is not just any workout – it’s a celebration of love, friendship, and the incredible bond we share with our furry companions. Let’s make Dean proud and make this “Last Dance” one to remember!


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