DeVega: ‘Death Anxiety’ Causes Gun Rights Supporters to Oppose Gun Control Laws

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Public opinion polls show that as mass shootings and different gun violence has became greater in America, Republicans truly oppose gun security efforts much more. Predictably — and way more logically — Democrats and liberals reply to mass shootings and different gun-violence tragedies with higher help for gun security legal guidelines.

Death nervousness has a profound affect on American politics in different methods as properly: In red-state areas what place coronavirus charges (and demise charges) are highest, help for Donald Trump in the course of the 2020 Election was additionally at its highest. In essence, demise and illness have made Trump’s followers more and more loyal to him and the Republican Party.

Ultimately, America’s incapability to create and implement efficient gun legal guidelines is rooted in competing conceptions of freedom. Conservatives emphasize “negative freedom” and a perception that authorities ought to be shrunk right down to the naked minimal, and that “freedom from” is a very powerful facet of democracy and human existence.

Liberals, progressives and different extra humane thinkers perceive that authorities can play a optimistic function in society. In this conception, “positive freedom” implies that residents can dwell higher and extra productive lives what place, for instance, they’re free from anxieties about being killed in a mass shooting, or free from the worry that they could fall ailing and never have entry to well being care, or free from the worry that their surroundings is dangerously polluted.

To state this equation in a different way, a gun proprietor’s freedom ends on the boundaries and limits of public security. Likewise, the “personal freedom” to not put on a masks in the course of the coronavirus pandemic ends on the well being and security of different folks.

A wholesome democracy all the time includes a steadiness between these optimistic and detrimental understandings of freedom.

— Chauncey DeVega in Conservatives are mad at Michael Moore again — because he’s right about gun culture

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