Even Police Use of Less Lethal Weapons is Too Much for Some Community Activists

Even Police Use of Less Lethal Weapons is Too Much for Some Community Activists

less lethal police weapons

A protestor faces off with two law enforcement officials utilizing less-lethal ammunition of their weapons. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

While police take into account tactical communication as one technique to de-escalate a state of affairs, in addition they view use of pressure and less-lethal weapons, similar to Tasers, pepper spray and bean-bag rounds, as choices. They are likely to view it as a continuum of recourse and outcomes, with lethal pressure because the worst-case state of affairs.

“If I walk into a level 10 (situation) and I’m able to turn it down to a level five, that’s de-escalation,” Sheriff’s Department coaching Sgt. Michael Pepin stated lately.

For occasion, if deputies have been to reply to a report of somebody armed with a chunk of glass, they wouldn’t be capable of go hands-on, Pepin stated. One de-escalation various: pepper spray, he stated.

Some group members disagree.

“The problem is they equate de-escalation with non-lethal,” stated Yusef Miller of the Racial Justice Coalition San Diego.

He believes less-lethal choices, similar to firing pepper balls and unleashing police canines, truly escalate conditions, triggering the flight-or-fight response of the individual subjected to the pressure.

Police officers stated pressure is unavoidable in some conditions. When there’s an imminent risk, time isn’t on their facet. In a nod to the scrutiny police face within the age of cellphones and requires police reform, some officers stated it’s much simpler to “Monday morning quarterback” than to take care of a risk within the second.

– David Hernandez in Many say de-escalation is the way to reduce police-involved shootings, but what does it look like?

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