Fontana, CA Police Find a Homebrewed Shooting Range Under Gang Member’s House


Image via Fontana, CA PD.

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Cops in Fontana, California made a discovery that played well for the sensationalistic mainstream media. They found a home-made indoor shooting range under the home of a reputed gang member. More alarming, cops also found one of America’s favorite rifles, an AR-15, inside along with a 100-round drum magazine.

Image courtesy Fontana PD

They found some other scary guns, too, along with a few thousand rounds of ammunition.  In Gov. Gavin Newsom’s gun-ban utopia of California, that’s a huge haul. In Texas, that’s just a beginner’s stash.

From the heavy breathing in the article, you’d think they’d discovered Al Capone’s secret underground shooting range.

Image courtesy Fontana PD

Of course, if it had been Al Capone’s shooting range, Geraldo would have been right there looking for another vault.

ABC News desperately tries to add a touch of sensationalism to the story . . .

An alleged gang hideaway in California hid more than just crime suspects — it included a hidden manhole cover that was lifted to reveal an AR-15 assault rifle, thousands of rounds of ammunition and an underground shooting range.

The Fontana Police Department’s gang unit raided the “residence of a known gang member” on Thursday night and found even more than they expected when they served the warrant. The house was outfitted with a secret shooting range — underground.

“While searching the house a man hole was located that led to an underground hiding area and an additional underground area that was being used as a shooting range,” the police department said in a Facebook post.

The police department also said it found the bounty of ammunition, assault rifle and a 100-round drum for the weapon.

In addition to the photos shared of the hideout, the Fontana police took the opportunity to taunt the suspects.

“Friendly message to anyone who wants to engage in illegal activity and be a member of a gang. We will never give up on keeping our community safe and free of violence,” police said. “We are the champions at Hide n Seek and no man hole will help you. If you hide we will find you.”

The department said the suspects were “booked without incident.”

It’s unclear who was arrested or what they’ve been charged with. No names were released by authorities.

So they found a shooting range under someone’s home. As if that never happens in real America.

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