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Hey there, fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Get ready to experience the workout of a lifetime that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on anything! 🚀 It’s time to dive into the high-energy world of GRIT, where challenges become triumphs and sweat is just a sign of your hard work paying off.

Introducing today’s heart-pounding WOD: GOTTA TABATA! 🏋️‍♂️ Picture this: 4 minutes of pure exhilaration, with each exercise pushing your limits for 20 seconds, followed by a quick 10-second breather. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with a minute of well-deserved rest after each round. It’s a workout designed to keep you on your toes and your heart racing!

1. BAG HITS (side plank holds) – Engage your core and let those punches fly while holding a side plank. Feel the burn and channel your inner warrior!

2. GOBLET SQUATS (rest at the bottom of squat) – Get ready to squat it out! Feel those quads working as you find your strength at the bottom of each rep.

3. SHOULDER PRESSES (rest to the top of the press) – Your shoulders are in for a treat! Press it up and feel the thrill as you hold at the top, building those muscles with every rep.

4. FORWARD LUNGE (rest in lunge position) – Step into greatness with forward lunges. Find your balance and embrace the challenge of holding that lunge position like a champion!

5. CURLS & FLIES -alternating (static holds in each) – Alternating curls and flies, plus static holds? Your biceps and chest won’t know what hit them! Embrace the burn and feel the gains.

6. PUSH-UPS (rest in plank position) – Time to show your push-up prowess! Conquer each push-up with determination, and let the quick plank rests fuel your determination.

Join us today at 7pm with Coach Serra at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA. Get ready to sweat, smile, and conquer every challenge that comes your way. Don’t miss out on the exhilarating experience that is GRIT!


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