Government Lockdowns Should be a Lesson for Gun Owners

Government Lockdowns Should be a Lesson for Gun Owners


New Jersey Phil Murphy gun stores

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

By Theresa Inacker

“Two weeks to flatten the curve.” This ubiquitous phrase has turned out to be fairly probably, the most important ongoing lie our authorities has ever informed. Two weeks to flatten the curve has change into 160+ days of presidency lockdown within the blue gun management state of New Jersey.

What does this all imply for firearm homeowners? Experienced gun homeowners and newbies alike would do nicely to concentrate.

This steady lockdown has change into the federal government’s greatest “tell.” We have seen how comparable choices will likely be made and enforced sooner or later. And the federal government has seen how simply folks have complied, and the way the courts have did not intervene towards authorities overreach. This ups the ante for gun homeowners.

Are gun homeowners ever to imagine that the following gun management measure put into place would be the remaining one? Biden and Harris are calling for the mandatory “buyback” of AR-15’s and different “assault weapons.” Are we to imagine that’s what place it ends? Of course not. It won’t ever finish.

Some of us have all the time understood that gun management is incremental, beginning with magazine capability limits and “save storage” mandates, onward to the final word leftist objective of full civilian disarmament. For these of you who didn’t fairly subscribe to that earlier than the Covid-19 lockdowns, what do you say now?

“The harmful, slippery slope to whole disarmament of the folks, happening proper…

Posted by CNJFO on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

One factor the federal government’s response to the pandemic has confirmed, is that it can’t be trusted at its phrase.

Governments in gun management states like New Jersey have continued to maintain the lockdown through which indoor eating places are verboten, fully closed since March, although deaths from Covid-19 have dropped to about two per day (10 deaths over 5 days).

When pressed for what foundation is used to justify sustaining the lockdown, when requested for any scientific proof, information or reasoning, New Jersey Governor Murphy merely calls his topics “knuckleheads” and tells them to move in the event that they don’t prefer it.

This jogs my memory of the arbitrary numbers chosen for rounds which can be “allowed” in magazines. New Jersey dropped the limit from a 15 to 10 rounds in 2018 with completely no proof that the 11th by means of 15th rounds have been contributing to or worsening crime in any approach. But we all know {that a} factual foundation — or any proof — isn’t mandatory when a tyrant needs his will enforced.

How many rounds are too many? What proof is there to assist that 11th spherical represents the lethal turning level? Doesn’t the 11th baby matter when gun-grabbers waive the bloody shirt after a mass homicide?

This is what gun homeowners have to know.  If we don’t elect politicians who assist civilian gun possession, we will likely be confronted with a Hobson’s choice: surrender our weapons and change into defenseless and fewer free, or change into an outlaw who is ready to defend that selection. Our votes have penalties. In flip, we will likely be confronted with dire penalties ourselves.

Politicians have change into emboldened by abusing govt powers, bypassing the legislative course of utilizing Covid as an excuse to realize their political targets. This menace isn’t restricted to New Jersey. As a reward for his dealing with of the tyrannical lockdown — New Jersey has achieved the highest coronavirus death rate in the nation — Governor Murphy was requested to be co-chair of the Democrat National Convention. It appears they actually like what he’s finished.

This has set a harmful precedent so far as the overreach of energy is anxious. But it has additionally proven gun homeowners the trajectory. Choose properly.


Theresa Inacker, an lawyer and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey delegate to The DC Project, and serves because the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.


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