Gun Meme of the Day: Fanny Pack Edition


“I’ve never worn a fanny pack.”

If what you wearing out-n-about has limited pocket space, they can be damn effective tools for your EDC. I managed to find at the local Goodwill a really nice quality leather one I’ve been upgrading over the past 2 years with old early OWB cellphone case clips (nice spring steel clips wrapped in leather) and belt clasps. It’s strong enough now to easily support a full-sized handgun if I chose, but I won’t.

I would prefer to just wear quality, durable jeans daily, with the Ruger LCR in my front right pocket, being able to carry keys, wallet, pocket knife, and fair-sized smartphone just isn’t happening, so the pack lets me offload a few items comfortably.

Trying to snatch it off of me with the way its configured now will result in nothing but frustration for the disadvantage thug attempting forced reparations, and might get their ass shot if I feel threatened enough (may I never be in that position 🙁 )…


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