Gun Meme of the Day: Well, When You Put It That Way Edition

Agree completely. They can either enjoy the herd anti-bodies and stop the endless whining/sniveling/violations of the Constitution and culture of freedom or put the sign out on the front door.

But they won’t because they are all hypocrites. Here’s a question I’ve asked anti-gunners who are annoying around me. (yes, they all are)

“You have a young child yes?” I say imagine that I have that child in a choke hold. There eyes are starting to bug, gasping and there is a gun on the table. Would you use it? The honest ones say immediately “yes”, some say they will fight and the macho stuff comes out. For that I ask them if they are willing to chance it 100% all of the time and they end up agreeing that the gun is the sure way to end the threat, me killing their child.
Usually if it’s a mom I ask this to many will not engage the question, completely closing off the thought and walking away.

I have changed a couple of minds, but the mental gymnastics and moral twisting of the other ones shows them deep down that they are hypocrites and cowards. They appear to be ok with that which I can not understand at all.

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