Gun Review: FIE Titan .25 ACP Pistol

Gun Review: FIE Titan .25 ACP Pistol


By Brendan Nadeau

There are some weapons that gun lovers pine for; a Wilson Combat 1911, a Colt Python revolver, a extremely tuned M1 Garand…possibly even a SIG Legion P229? There are additionally weapons which might be workhorses; an M&P15 Sport, a boring, but dependable GLOCK 17, a Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Then there are the weapons which might be made for the individuals with little cash; the oft mocked, but hefty Hi-Point pistols and carbines, a cosmoline-caked Mosin-Nagant, a Bersa Thunder.

Then there’s this gun:


This is a Firearms Import Export (FIE) Titan, an import from Italy comprised of Tanfoglio GT27 elements and slapped onto Zamak frames by FIE in Florida after the Gun Control Act of 1968 restricted the import of compact pistols. A basic “Saturday night special,” this gun is affordable and concealable, although it’s been out of manufacturing for a while now. My curiosity was sparked on this gun after watching a review done by Scootch00, and that I put it on my “to pick up” record in case I ran throughout one someday down the street.

I lastly discovered one at a gun show for about $100 and didn’t even should pay gross sales tax as the seller was relieved to see that I really had a hid carry license. After handing over some twenties, I slipped it into my pocket and was good to go.

After taking it house, I had a greater alternative to look at the little pistol extra carefully. This gun has apparently had an attention-grabbing life. There’s a bit of wear and tear on the gun, in all probability from being taken out and in of holsters and/or being thrown at attackers after the .25 ACP rounds didn’t cease them (simply kidding in regards to the final half…possibly).

Overall although, the little gun was in fairly acceptable form, and that I headed to the vary to check it out.


Over the course of owning this explicit firearm, I’ve run about 200 plus rounds via it, principally Remington UMC, since I can actually solely discover that or Aguila kind in my native Academy retailer. The .25 ACP spherical isn’t precisely the best self-defense spherical, and would possibly solely piss off an attacker much more after you’ve unloaded all seven rounds into him. They would possibly bleed out later, however in all probability not earlier than they’ve killed you first.


.25 ACP second from left

However, individuals additionally knock the .22 LR for being ineffective for killing issues, but there are unusually empty strains for individuals inclined to be shot by these “weak” calibers. .25 ACP rounds are additionally made in JHPs as effectively, however from my analysis, it’s in all probability higher to have full FMJs for enough penetration. Oh, and .25 isn’t much easier to find in stock than every other handgun spherical nowadays.


The set off on this little gun isn’t as dangerous as you’ll assume. The blocky, single motion set off takes up fairly effectively, with type of a mushy break on the finish whenever you hearth the gun. Firing the Titan is OK, although it’s nothing like shooting a 1911, a Browning Hi-Power or perhaps a GLOCK for that matter. I may see an individual with bigger hands getting slide chew, as a consequence of the truth that it’s so small, however I didn’t undergo that destiny.

I shot the gun at considered one of my native ranges from about 10 toes away — private protection distance. This might be stretching the vary of the Titan just a little bit, because the small 2.5-inch barrel doesn’t present much when it comes to accuracy. Even then, the gun did fairly effectively; of the primary twelve rounds despatched towards the goal I managed to get seven of them contained in the ten ring.


Not precisely the very best shooter on the market, however then once more, this can be a very up-close-and-personal weapon. I had an issue loading the one stack magazine as soon as as one of many rounds dipped down and refused to align correctly. It took some fussing with the spherical and eventually managed to get it seated. Being extra cautious prevented a repeat. Other than that, I surprisingly didn’t have any points firing the gun.

The Titan has sights…and that’s about it. Consisting of a easy blade within the entrance and a U-notch within the again, this pistol isn’t meant for working in IDPA matches. I’m stunned it even has sights given the Titan’s supposed use.

Titan Sights-1

Disassembly and cleansing is easy: take away journal, flip the security to protected, pull again on slide, raise up, take away slide and recoil spring, and that’s it. Hit it with some Ballistol and also you’re good to go once more.

For being an inexpensive gun, the Titan is a minimum of easy and simple to take care of. That’s in all probability my second favourite factor about this gun, as there are few issues that may probably get misplaced within the strategy of cleansing it.


Which brings me to my favourite a part of this gun; it’s concealable to a fault. The Titan is smaller than most cellphones in the marketplace as we speak, and pocket carry is really easy with this explicit firearm which you could neglect at occasions that you’ve it in your individual. It would make for an excellent backup or “deep concealment” kind of weapon in case you’re going that route, although there are many different choices on the market now that supply simply nearly as good concealment and in a way more efficient caliber.

I’ve heard that carrying the Titan with a spherical chambered is a foul thought, even when the security is on. There are small holsters out for it, although from a fast Google search, choices are sparse. You can get various kinds of grips for the Titan as effectively, however contemplating that that is principally a Saturday night special, customizing choices are restricted.

Overall, this gun is perhaps good for hid carry, in case you’re inclined to place your life on the road with a extremely small .25 ACP pistol which may solely worsen an aggressor. However, regardless of me ribbing it just a little bit, this can be a enjoyable little gun to shoot. I simply wouldn’t (wholly) belief this gun in a defensive gun use state of affairs, because the anemic cartridge and restricted accuracy make it a backup weapon at most, and an costly paperweight as worst.

Specifications: FIE Titan

Caliber: .25 ACP (6.35 Browning)
Capacity: 7+1
Barrel Length: 2.48in
Overall Length: 4.72 in
Weight: 0.77 lbs
Price: Blue Book places it about $77 money

Ratings (out of 5 stars):

Style: * * *
I suppose it appears to be like cool sufficient. Better aesthetics than a Hi-Point, that’s for positive.

Ergonomics (carry) * * * * *
You can undoubtedly disguise this factor away in a pocket holster, or anyplace else a tiny gun will match.

Ergonomics (shooting): * * *
It’s a small pistol that fires a weak, underpowered cartridge. You can shoot it for awhile, however its compact nature does type of grind after a while.

Reliability: * * * *
Surprisingly, regardless of one malfunction in loading the firearm, this gun has gone bang each single time I’ve shot the pistol.

Customization: *
You can change out the grips, and that’s about it. Maybe a spare journal as effectively (they’re scarce, however yow will discover then on Gunbroker). The Titan was supplied in different finishes, however why trouble?

Overall: * * *
I used to be stunned to search out that this gun works and works fairly effectively. It’s even unusually type of enjoyable to shoot. It’s a wonderfully serviceable, dependable pocket gun. Just don’t anticipate an excessive amount of stopping energy from .25 ACP.


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