Gun Store Owner Fakes Heart Attack, Grabs a Gun and Shoots One of Three Armed Robbers

Gun Store Owner Fakes Heart Attack, Grabs a Gun and Shoots One of Three Armed Robbers

You may anticipate gun retailer homeowners — particularly those that run their shops by themselves — to maintain a pistol on their hip. That simply appears to be a great safety observe. A Richardson, Texas gun retailer proprietor didn’t try this, however given his latest brush with three armed robbers, he could change that observe.


Mike Brown runs Mike’s Gun Room by himself. The 77-year-old says the group of masked males first acted like buyers after which made it clear they got here to rob the place.

Brown pretended he was having heart bother. It purchased him sufficient time to seize a gun and shoot one of many suspects.

It’s a situation Brown has performed out inside his thoughts for the 26 years he’s owned a gun retailer, however Wednesday was the primary time he says it occurred.

As the thieves have been gathering up a load of about 50 weapons — we didn’t know there was a gun retailer in Texas with that many firearms of their stock as of late — Brown, a Marine and Vietnam veteran, claimed he wanted to get to some treatment for a heart situation. That gave him an opportunity to get a gun.

Brown says the boys began to depart by the point he grabbed his gun, so he pointed it on the solely individual nonetheless inside.

“I told him to stop,” he stated. “He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.”

Brown shot the person within the shoulder. He fell to the bottom exterior whereas his accomplices drove off. Police arrived, and he’s now in custody at a hospital.

There actually isn’t any honor amongst thieves. Some will ask why Brown didn’t simply let the robbers proceed on their means. But the impulse to guard your retailer and your property is powerful. The incontrovertible fact that the thief he shot had a handgun when he rotated ought to shield brown from any potential authorized jeopardy.

After this expertise, the probabilities are most likely good that Mr. Brown will pull a holster and a pistol from stock and start carrying it regularly, no less than throughout retailer hours. And from the seems to be of the variety of weapons he nonetheless has in inventory, Dallas space gun consumers in quest of scarce firearms could also be beating a path to his door.

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