Gun Tweet of the Day: Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS ‘Shapewear’ Saved My Life When I Was Shot


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Noted tactical expert Kim Kardashian makes something called SKIMS. It’s mostly underwear, swim suits, and what the company calls “shapewear.” In the olden days, they called that stuff corsets or girdles. Now it’s “shapewear” but the principle is the same…very tight form-fitting underwear that smooths out the lumps and makes you look slimmer.

All’s fair in love and war, as they say.

One TikTok creator claims that the tightness of that spandex saved her life earlier this year.

Kim Kardashian saved my life. This new years I got shot four times. I got shot under my dress. I was wearing a SKINS shaping bodysuit. 

It was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out. I recommend it. I’m definitely gonna buy some more. I should wear it every day. It’s like body armor for women.

Call it fate, call it Jesus, but I’mma call it Kim. 

We’re not sure if, as a result of this testimonial, SKIMS will become must-have range-wear and EDC gear for the tactical set, but hey, it couldn’t hurt, right? And we’ve seen more than a few old fat white guys who could certainly benefit from a little smoothing with the strategic use of some “technically constructed shapewear.”

Stay safe out there.



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