Gun Tweet of the Day: The Four Rules Apply Always, Everywhere and to Everyone

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Oops. We assume no one was injured when that gun “went off.” Let’s hope so.

We’ve heard stories of retailers that have the equivalent of a “swear jar.” Any customer who brings in a gun and promises that it’s empty has to drop a dollar (or a Lincoln or a Hamilton) into the jar if a round drops out when the guy behind the counter racks it.

Sometimes, though, the guy behind the counter doesn’t rack it. Sometimes they…well, you know.

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

The tweet above is a perfect illustration of the need to observe of the Four Rules of Firearm Safety. They’re short, quickly memorized, and easy to follow. But you have to, you know, follow them.

Ten commandments? OK, whatever. Pay close attention to those first four.


If you observe those four (and teach others to do the same), all will be well.

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