Hero drops half-naked lady yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ as she storms cockpit, flight team stated they ‘could not’ Brave.


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Picture it: You’re on a long flight. You’re tired. You finally dose off. All of a sudden, you are awake to a commotion and someone screaming ‘Allahu Akbar.‘ After first checking to make sure you have your brown pants on, it comes time to act. For one passenger, he leaped into action and dropped the would-be terrorist when the airline crew said they couldn’t. Also, the woman (aka our terrorist friend) was only wearing her underwear.

Cheers to Phillip O’Brien!

O’Brien was en route from Cyprus to Manchester when the fireworks (figuratively) started. A woman wearing only underwear stormed the cockpit screaming “Allahu Akbar.” She declared herself a daughter of ISIS and asked passengers if they were ready to die. Phillip O’Brien was not.

Unclear is if she was really a daughter of ISIS or just crazy. You’d think if it was the former, she’d be at home not being allowed to vote, read, or leave the house. Maybe she is part of a new, special division of ISIS.

The second time she tried rushing the cockpit, she said she had explosives. Why a SECOND time? As O’Brien describes:

O’BRIEN: Why have you not put her to the floor?

HAPLESS FLIGHT STAFF: We are not able to.

O’BRIEN: I’m able to!

The nekkid terrorist was put down. The flight made an emergency stop in Paris. The woman was removed from the plane where she will either get the mental health help she needs or be interrogated in a dark room somewhere.

One other thing left unclear is when the flight staff said they were unable to put the lady down, was it because they were too weak to take down one woman? Or was it some tolerance/equity thing where it would be Islamophobic to do so?

Whatever the case, Phillip O’Brien was there to save the day. Cheers!



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