How To Make Dandelion Bread for Preppers: Quick Recipe

Often once I stroll out the entrance door, I’m confronted with the sight of little yellow flowering crops peppered all through my garden. 

i’ve heard extra occasions than I care to keep in mind that dandelions are “weeds,” and needs to be eliminated.

But take a minute and take into consideration this, “what is a weed?” It is nothing greater than an unwanted plant rising in a selected surroundings.

Take the realm of a backyard or farm subject for instance. The solely factor the grower desires to see in that space are the things to eat crops which were planted. Everything else that grows in that space takes sources away from the things to eat crops and we deem it a “weed.” 

So, if I don’t like roses however discover them rising in my yard what place I don’t need them, I might take into account them a weed and I believe most individuals would take into account that as absurd.

This is how i’ve come to view most crops, not as weeds however when it comes to their potential makes use of. And dandelions being as nutritious as they’re, needs to be in your radar, particularly since they appear to develop in all places

Dandelion Nutrition Facts

Great lengths are taken yearly to eradicate these little yellow flowering crops, which is a bit complicated as a result of they include numerous diet.

They are packed with minerals, nutritional vitamins, and fiber. 

The inexperienced a part of the dandelion incorporates nutritional vitamins A, C, Ok, E, B, and folate. There can be a great quantity of minerals discovered on this “weed” that features magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium, to not point out the carbohydrates discovered within the root. 

Other advantages of the dandelion embrace:

  • Contains antioxidants 
  • May support in a bunch of well being points, a few of which embrace sustaining blood sugar, irritation, and digestive issues

Harvesting Dandelions for the Recipe

Dandelion leaves are tender and finest eaten uncooked within the early spring when the climate is cool with a little bit of humidity is within the air.

Parts of a Dandelion

During mid-spring, the flowers could be gathered, and the roots could be harvested all year long.

One factor to bear in mind when harvesting wild edibles are the environments during which they develop. Certain contaminants like chemical sprays, industrial runoff, and different pollution may cause in any other case edible crops to be unsafe to devour.

For the above motive, it is very important at all times be assured that the realm during which wild edibles are harvested is secure. This requires data of the historical past in addition to the present use of the harvest space in addition to the encompassing land. 

It can be essential to recollect the significance of correctly figuring out crops. Often, there are a number of several types of crops that intently resemble each other. It is finest to at all times use a subject information for figuring out wild edibles precisely, and safely or to be taught by somebody who’s educated on the subject. 


When it comes time to assemble up your dandelions, there are a few tools that can make the harvesting course of simpler. Consider having:

  • Cutting sheers. These will assist to chop away varied elements of the plant. 
  • Trowel. A small digging software, similar to a trowel, aids in digging up your complete dandelion and exposing the roots. 
  • Collection container. Unless you’re solely gathering a handful of dandelions, you’ll need a container for carrying the crops from the sphere to the house. A small basket, pail, or bucket works properly. 

Preparing Dandelions 

After the dandelions have been collected, the subsequent step is to scrub them.

They could be cleaned in the identical method as you wash greens you get from the shop or your garden. Simply place the dandelion beneath a stream of heat water and gently scrub to take away any filth and different particles.

However, an alternative choice could be to scrub the dandelions in a water and vinegar combination that’s supposed to assist eliminate any micro organism. 

After washing, put the moist dandelions on a towel and pat dry. Next, use chopping sheers to take away the specified elements, flower, stems, leaves, and roots. 

Separate the totally different elements of the crops for use in varied recipes. In the next bread recipe, solely the flowers will likely be used. 

But because you went to all of the exhausting work of harvesting and cleansing the dandelions, don’t throw the opposite elements away! There is a small part after the bread recipe for how one can eat different parts of this plant.  

Dandelion Bread Recipe 

This dandelion recipe obtained from

What you’ll need:

  • Enough dandelion flowers to fill roughly one cup
  • Two cups of flour 
  • Two tsp of baking powder 
  • One egg
  • Slightly little bit of salt 
  • 1 ¼ cup of milk 
  • three tbsp oil (your selection)
  • Add ¼ cup of your selection of honey, sugar, or one other sweetener
  • A small bread pan that may be greased or used with parchment paper

The first step is to preheat your oven to 400 levels.

Next, reduce the yellow flower away from the stem and add the flowers into the flour together with the salt. You can crumble the flowers in however they’ll break aside through the mixing course of. 

After the above has been mixed, combine within the egg, oil, sweetener, and milk. Stir all of the substances till all the things is properly blended. 

Pour the combination right into a bread pan that’s greased or lined with cooking paper. 

Place the pan into the oven for no less than fifteen minutes. Lower the temperature to 350 levels and proceed to bake for an extra twenty-five minutes. 

After the final twenty-five minutes of cooking, pull the pan from the oven and permit the bread to chill. Cut into slices and revel in!

Like most self-made bread this loaf will style one of the best if consumed as quickly as doable. Warm bread proper out of the oven topped along with your favourite unfold is one of the simplest ways to eat. However, when the bread is wrapped up, it should last several days so it can be eaten later.  

Other Ways to Eat Dandelion

The leaves of the dandelion could be picked and eaten uncooked, or they are often added to a salad stuffed with different scrumptious greens. The greens can be used on sandwiches or as a garnish.

After digging them up, the roots could be boiled in a pot of water or roasted in a pan. 

According to Lisa M. Rose creator of Midwest Foraging 115 wild and flavorful edibles from burdock to wild peach1, dried and roasted dandelion roots could be added right into a blended tea combination, which brings out a candy, nutty taste.

Dandelion roots can be roasted, floor right into a powder, and used to make what some describe as an amazing substitute for coffee

Wrap Up

Wild edibles are throughout us, they’re free, and could be extremely nutritious. 

Dandelions in addition to many different crops are extremely underrated of their usefulness not solely within the surroundings however to us as a fabric and things to eat supply. 

By turning into educated on this free supply of things to eat we could cease numerous crops as “weeds” however as wholesome options that we are able to add to the dinner desk for creating and sustaining a nutritious diet. 

Thanks for studying and maintain baking! 

Have you ever made dandelion bread or eaten dandelions? Sound off within the remark part beneath and tell us!

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