How to Make Hardtack: Survival Bread Recipe That Lasts A Lifetime

Trying one thing just a little completely different as we speak. I can’t be reviewing a bit of drugs or presenting my ideas on the philosophy of survival ways. Instead, this text shall be about things to eat. Specifically, how you can make hardtack. That’s proper, an entire new twist to writing for me and probably the start for a cookbook. Yeah, proper.

make hardtack

There are many various “survival food” recipes floating round on the market meant to supply sustenance throughout exhausting occasions. Due to its completely easy record of components and course of to make, there’s one things to eat that has all the time been of curiosity to me, and that’s hardtack. 

As a child, I had by no means tasted hardtack, not to mention even heard of the stuff. But as I grew to become older I began operating into the subject of hardtack by way of my studying. If after this text you’re nonetheless inquisitive about hardtack, I recommend conducting just a little historic analysis on this straightforward things to eat merchandise. It is kind of attention-grabbing. 

I gained through a win’t bore you with the main points as this isn’t what this text is about. However, in case you are unfamiliar with hardtack, it’s basically a easy bread. And because the title suggests it is rather exhausting, extra on that later. 

What is Hardtack?

As I hinted at above, it’s principally bread. Unlike, store-bought bread that begins to show moldy in every week or two, hardtack has an extended shelf life, a actually lengthy shelf life.

How Long Does Hardtack Last?

When it’s ready and saved correctly hardtack can final indefinitely, at the very least for our functions. What survival minded particular person wouldn’t desire a things to eat merchandise with such a ridiculously lengthy shelf life?

How Does it Last So Long? 

Luckily the science behind that is straightforward sufficient for even me to know. The cause most meals go “bad” is because of micro organism development. Like people, micro organism want water to stay so that they favor environments which have this. 

Traditional hardtack consists of three easy components: water, salt, and flour. This will get blended up and baked till many of the water is cooked off. Think of it as dehydrated bread. Minimal water and the salt don’t make for beneficial rising circumstances. Pretty easy, huh?

Two Hardtack Recipes: Traditional vs Modern

Now, for those who do an internet seek for hardtack you’ll seemingly discover many various recipes. But I break these down into two completely different teams. Traditional recipes and trendy recipes

The conventional recipe requires the straightforward three components that I listed above, water, salt, and flour.

Modern recipes are ones that folks have tweaked by including in different components comparable to sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, cacao, yeast, and so on.

Because the normal recipe is easy and has been confirmed to have an distinctive shelf life, that’s the one I favor to make use of.

But when you have dietary restrictions by way of the type of flour you may have otherwise you simply need to throw warning to the wind, by all means, experiment with different recipes to seek out what you want. However, in case you are like me and have bland easy tastes, please learn on. 

Kitchen Time

It is now time to move off to the kitchen and collect up some provides. Here is what you will have. 

  1. Cooking sheet, pan, or a mesh rack. I used an 11” x 16” pan.
  2. Large mixing bowl or a mixer when you have it
  3. Rolling pin. I do not need a rolling pin, so I simply used a spherical consuming glass, however you want to watch out when utilizing this technique. 
  4. Something to poke holes within the dough. There is knowledgeable device that does this. i’m not certain what it referred to as but it surely seems to be like a rolling pin with spikes. i’ve used a toothpick up to now however that may be a gradual and annoying course of. My favourite device is a fork. 

Now for the components. This is what you will have.

  • 4.5 cups of flour. I used all-purpose flour
  • 3 Tbsp of salt 
  • 1.5 cups of water
  • Preheat the oven to 375 levels Fahrenheit

How To Make Hardtack

i’m not a baker by any means so I’m certain that there’s somebody on the market someplace who shall be cringing at my course of. Enjoy!

Step One. Combine the flour, salt, and water into the big mixing bowl. 

Step Two. Mix every thing till the dough has a good consistency and isn’t sticky. This could require just a little extra water or flour. If it’s sticky, I typically add a pinch of flour at a time and blend it in till the dough could be rolled round with out it sticking to surfaces.

Step Three. Dump the dough out of the bowl and onto the counter, or in case you are fancy place it on a big slicing board. Using a rolling pin, unfold the dough out till it’s roughly ½” thick. Actually, the hardtack could be nonetheless thick or skinny that you really want however the baking occasions will range drastically. 

Step Four. Using the skilled spiked rolling pin, or a fork, make a bunch of holes within the dough. There must be precisely 96 holes every spaced…simply kidding. Without counting, I exploit my fork to create a sequence of holes that go throughout the dough. To my understanding, the holes assist in eliminating as much water as doable 

Step Five. Cut the dough into no matter shapes you want. They could be squares, circles, or joyful little gingerbread males. I minimize the dough into squares which might be normally misshapen and never uniform in measurement. I may need to attempt the gingerbread cutout sometime. 

Step Six. Use a spatula to switch the squares to a cooking sheet and place them into the oven. They might want to bake for 30-40 minutes relying in your oven, or till the squares are golden brown. 

Step Seven. Once they’re golden brown, pull the hardtack from the oven and permit them to chill. Once cooled down place them in an hermetic container. 

Eating Hardtack…

It appears bizarre writing a bit on how you can eat a bit of things to eat however belief me, on this occasion, there’s a good cause for it.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT attempt consuming hardtack as it’s. You could have seen when dealing with the completed product that these things deserves the title that it has. If you try biting into considered one of these tasty little squares there’s a good likelihood you’ll break a tooth. 

To keep away from inflicting bodily hurt, listed below are two strategies i’ve used to eat hardtack, with the latter being my alternative. 

  1. If I can break a sufficiently small piece off, I place that piece in my mouth and tuck it off to the facet. Kind of like a chipmunk with acorns stuffed in its cheek. I then suck on the hardtack till it’s gentle sufficient to chew. 
  2. Soak a bit of hardtack in a cup of espresso, tea, or within the broth of no matter meal is obtainable. Soak for at the very least 5-10 minutes earlier than trying to chew into it. Soak longer if wanted. 

Wrapping It Up 

Remember for the very best shelf life outcomes, retailer hardtack in an hermetic container then place it in a dry, cool space.

Do you have got any ideas on hardtack? Have you tried consuming it and do you prefer it? Have you tried another hardtack recipes which have labored properly? Sound off within the remark part under and tell us. Thanks for studying.

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