HYPOCRITE: Gun-Grabbing California Congresswoman Karen Bass Reveals Two of Her Guns Were Stolen in a Break-In

Karen Bass
Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif. (Greg Nash/Pool Photo via AP, File)

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Los Angeles Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-California) has reported that a pair of guns were stolen from her residence in recent days. She discovered the break-in and missing firearms when she returned home on Friday.

Not only does news of the burglary at her home further illustrate that nobody is safe from the endemic crime in L.A., but it illustrates something much deeper.

Karen Bass — who’s currently running to be the Mayor of Los Angeles — is, of course, a staunch advocate of limiting the rights and taking guns out of the hands of the little people.

Yet despite the public rhetoric, far-left hypocrite Karen Bass knows the truth about guns…that when seconds count, a firearm is the best tool for good to use to stop a bad person with evil in their hearts.

She knows this so deeply and fundamentally that she owns — er, owned — at least two firearms to protect herself and her family, while at the same time advocating that your family go without them. And we can thank the burglar for exposing Karen Bass’ grand hypocrisy.

Fox 11 Los Angeles has the report . . .

Rep. Karen Bass said her Los Angeles home was broken into Friday night and two firearms were stolen.

“Last night, I came home and discovered that my house had been broken into and burglarized,” Bass, who is running for mayor against developer Rick Caruso, said in a statement issued Saturday afternoon.

In the statement, she said she called LAPD for assistance. She says two firearms were stolen, despite them being ‘safely and securely stored.’ She says nothing else was stolen from her home, despite cash, electronics, and other valuables being visible. 

“It’s unnerving and, unfortunately, it’s something that far too many Angelenos have faced,” Bass stated.

The guns were registered. Bass said she bought the guns years ago for personal protection. 

She remarked in a statement how the guns were purchased for self-defense…just like tens of millions of other Americans have done. Yet she wants to strip the little people of the ability to buy and own guns for the same reason.

If this kind of hypocrisy sounds familiar, it should. Bass has a long history of supporting the kind of far-left political positions that benefit and protect elites while keeping average citizens disarmed and disempowered.

From spiked.com . . .

Like many in California’s ruling political elite, Bass comes from the far left. In the 1970s, she travelled to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade, an international group of sympathisers with Cuban communism. In 2016, when Fidel Castro died, she issued a praise-filled obituary to ‘El Comandante’. More recently Bass has distanced herself from this Castroite past and from policies such as defunding the police. But she can certainly be expected to follow the ‘progressive’ policy agenda typically backed by the city’s public-sector unions.

Bass, the Democrat nominee for mayor, has a double-digit lead in recent polling. In other word, don’t look for anything to improve significantly in Los Angeles any time soon.


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