Improve Your Self Defense Skills With This Daily Habit

The best way to ensure that you are fully prepared for whatever potential problem might come your way is to live in the moment that you’re in. Being present in the here and now, right where you are is the most important thing you can do to bolster your personal safety. 

Starting your day with intention might sound like a small thing, but it’s important for the self defense mindset. If you consistently start your day with focusing your mind on your awareness and your surroundings, you’ll grow your ability to respond effectively and stay safe. Control of your environment starts and ends with control of yourself.  

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One of the great things about this kind of practice is that you have a wide latitude in what you decide is most important for a given day. Your intention doesn’t have to be centered on self defense, but rather it should be centered on keeping your mind alert and aware. This serves you not only in terms of personal safety, but also in terms of personal growth. It’s a fuel that feeds the fire of your life in all areas. 

Keep your intentions broad and easy to remember. The idea is that you are in control of your life, just as you want to be in control of any unexpected situation. What does an intention look like? 

Here are some suggestions.

    • I will control the things I can control.
    • I open myself to the world around me.
    • I will face today’s challenges with conviction and a calm mind.
    • I intend to bring focus into my life.
    • I accept my strength and capability.
    • I intend to respond to the wholeness of my surroundings.

Notice that these are not at all along the lines of “I’ll beat up anybody who tries to come at me.” Self defense is at its best when we flow with the world around us. We are always prepared, but we are not at all raring to go. If you’re ready for a fight, then at some point a fight is going to come find you. This practice has everything to do with making your whole life better, and boosting your ability to defend yourself is part of that. 

Any kind of intention that adds to your ability to respond quickly to your surroundings and to be aware of the world around you is the right kind of intention. Make it your own, choosing intentions that resonate with you. That’s the best way to make them effective. 

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