Kanye West wears ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt to daughter’s basketball game, engages in further social media spats with celebrities


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If critics thought that their condemnation of Kanye “Ye” West and his recent “White Lives Matter” t-shirt would convince him to back off, they were wrong. On Friday night, West attended his daughter’s basketball game wearing the shirt, all while his ex-wife Kim Kardashian was sitting just a few feet away.

According to reports, West, 45, wore the now-famous shirt — which features the phrase “White Lives Matter” on the back and a picture of Pope John Paul II on the front — to daughter North’s basketball game in Thousand Oaks, California. During the game, West could be seen standing, cheering, and strolling the sidelines in support of his 9-year-old daughter.

Kardashian, North’s mother, was sitting a few rows in front of where West was sometimes standing. TMZ said that, based on images and eyewitnesses from the event, Kardashian, 41, never seemed to acknowledge her former husband or even “to look in his direction either while they were both there.” TMZ also reported that Kardashian actually moved her car at some point during the evening “in order to avoid any run-ins afterward.”

“She will not get in the way of Kanye, of him being a good parent,” one insider said, according to the Daily Mail, “but she is tired of his antics.”


And West has engaged in many public “antics” of late. He first debuted the t-shirt at a Paris fashion show earlier this week. He also appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to defend the shirt and explain his pro-life stance, his claim that Black Lives Matter is a “scam,” and his Christian worldview.

He has also spoken out against other celebrities and, in some cases, posted to social media what appear to be screen shots of conversations he has had with them. On Saturday, West shared on Instagram a conversation he supposedly had with Tremaine Emory, his former creative consultant and brand director. In their exchanges, West wrote that French luxury good company LVMH had “brought [Emory] in to seal the art BLM and demographic” but that the company is not going to give black people “what we need.” At one point, he also complimented Emory and said that he’s “been tremendous.”

In addition to Instagram, West has also reemerged on Twitter after Meta — the platform which owns Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp — allegedly censored his Instagram account.

“Look at this Mark,” West tweeted on Saturday, ostensibly to Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg. “How you gone kick me off instagram You used to be my n****.”

The tweet also includes a picture of West at a social gathering with Zuckerberg.

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