Keanu Reeves’ Dog Apparently Unharmed After Burglary During Which a Gun Was Stolen


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Keanu Reeves was reportedly not at home early yesterday morning when a number of masked men reportedly broke into his Los Angeles home by smashing a window. According to TMZ . . .

We’re told the actor’s L.A. home was burglarized Wednesday evening … with LAPD responding to an anonymous call about a possible trespasser at his property at around 7 PM. Cops arrived on the scene, and conducted a search, but found no one.

But, we’re told police were back there again around 1 AM when an alarm sounded on the property … and this time officers say multiple men in ski masks were spotted on security cams smashing a window and entering the house.

The thieves stole one firearm before beating a hasty retreat.

The good news is that Reeves’ dog was apparently not harmed during the break-in. Given the existing level of crime in the City of Angels, the fallout that might have resulted if the movie star’s dog had been hurt could have been catastrophic.


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