Know Thy Neighbor, A Community Preparedness Guide: Survival 101

A typical theme or widespread perspective of survival minded folks is that they acquire all important provides doable, shut the home windows, lock the doorways, and conceal of their houses. 

Community Preparedness Guide

I’m sure that some people totally imagine on this technique and a few conditions might get this conduct, however by in giant it isn’t a wholesome outlook when getting ready for emergencies, particularly because it pertains to long-term disasters.

I don’t assume there’s a particular person studying this that may say they don’t rely on anybody else for something. 

Unless you reside in a very wild atmosphere rising your things to eat, making your garments, and processing every part else that one wants or desires in life, you then rely on another person for one thing in some unspecified time in the future.

I do know that the above would possibly seem to be an excessive instance however take a second and take into consideration your life and the way you reside. I can consider a number of issues I rely on others for, particularly because it pertains to good and providers.  

I’m additionally positive that there are these studying this saying, “I have five years’ worth of food and supplies and do not need anyone else.” 

Sadly, there’s a lot that may incorrect with that assertion which I’ll delve into shortly. 

Maybe it’s ego, self-delusion, worry, or simply overconfidence that makes folks assume they will shut the doorways to their house and shut themselves off from the remainder of the world within the occasion of an emergency. 

The above mentality goes together with the lone wolf approach. Again, whereas this technique has its place, it too is a tough lifestyle to take care of long run.

Now, i’m not saying that self-isolation or the lengthy wolf approach can’t be completed or that there are conditions that don’t get these responses. What I’m saying is that these approaches have been popularized as to what folks ought to do and I feel that might not be farther from the reality.

So, is there a greater resolution to shutting your self off from the remainder of the world? I feel so. 

Building off and sustaining the present group you might be in is likely one of the finest methods to organize for any emergency. Not solely is it more healthy, however in virtually each respect it’s extra logical. 

Reasons for A Community Approach 

It just isn’t sensible to imagine one particular person can maintain every part on a regular basis, and to be sincere, why would you wish to? 

Using the present group that you just reside in gives a number of advantages that may far exceed the choices obtainable in self-isolation or extraordinarily small teams. 

Physical Resources 

No matter what is the cost we expect we’re ready for an emergency, it’s seemingly that there will probably be at the least one or a number of assets that had been merely forgotten about or couldn’t be bought in a well timed method.  

I skilled this on a small scale lately when a storm moved via the area and knocked out the facility to the city I reside in. I believed I had a container of batteries stashed away that I might use for replenishing a number of flashlights. 

However, once I opened the cupboard they had been in, I found a container with just one battery left. Since the city was with out energy I couldn’t run to the shop for extra. Luckily, I used to be capable of arrange another gentle supply but when I couldn’t, there are a number of neighbors that will have given me a number of batteries. 

Another facet to consider in the case of stockpiled assets, is that there isn’t any assure all of these provides will probably be good once you want them

Bugging In

What if once you begin digging into that one-year emergency food supply you uncover it was a foul batch and isn’t secure to eat? Or another elements comparable to warmth, chilly, water, animals, or critters handle to have an effect on it?

Do you have got an immense variety of backups to your things to eat, water, medical provides, and different gear gadgets?

There have been various occasions i’ve misplaced gear or emergency things to eat to elements I didn’t anticipate or simply unhealthy luck. If this occurs simply previous to or throughout a catastrophe it might be good to have a group that might lend out assets to assist an individual get again on their ft.


This might be probably the most underrated considerations that folks’s overconfidence will get in the way in which of.

Many folks prefer to take pleasure in the concept they’re a one-man or girl military that may be capable to defend in opposition to any menace as if they’re Rambo or John Wick. 

Firstly, I might argue that most individuals merely would not have the correct coaching for this approach. 

Secondly, take a second to go searching the world wherein you reside. Are you actually set as much as defend in opposition to a spread of threats from any route all by your self and even with a small group?

Lastly, an individual should sleep. There is sort of no manner a single particular person can keep safety twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. Fatigue might be powered via however in some unspecified time in the future, the physique will crash and drive you to sleep. 

Who will probably be wanting over you when you find yourself counting sheep?


During a long-term catastrophe, there’ll most definitely be a excessive physical workload. This might concern creating and sustaining gardens, searching, fishing, gathering things to eat, accumulating water, watching over kids, and addressing safety considerations, simply to call a number of. 

There is an outdated saying, “many hands make light work.”

The extra folks there are engaged on a challenge, the faster it is going to get completed with much less power used. Plus, there could also be some tasks a single particular person simply can’t bodily accomplish.  


We all have numerous skillsets; some are specialised, and a few will not be. A single particular person might have the information to sort out plenty of totally different duties, however it isn’t sensible to imagine one particular person can know every part. 

The extra folks there are in a gaggle, the extra skillsets there will probably be for the group to attract from. Here is a small record of abilities that will probably be essential to have throughout tough occasions.

  • Carpentry 
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical 
  • Mechanic 
  • Medical 
  • Farming 
  • Food preservation 
  • Hunting, fishing, figuring out wild edibles
  • Making or repairing garments 
  • Collecting and purifying water
  • Security measures

Are you proficient in all these areas? I do know that i’m not, which is why I might welcome the assistance of others throughout a catastrophe. 

Injury or Illness 

We don’t like to consider being sick or injured however slightly that nothing can ever put us down. 

This is unrealistic and well being considerations are an eventuality that have to be deliberate for. During laborious occasions folks may have a better probability of turning into in poor health or injured as a result of extra exercise being completed, poor food plan, not sufficient sleep, stress, and different elements. 

If you break a leg or grow to be bedridden, who will maintain you? How will you get water, things to eat, or accomplish something that have to be completed? 

Having a group of individuals that may test in on you and assist with chores will probably be important to survival on this scenario


By our very nature, people are social creatures and to isolate ourselves just isn’t solely lonely however might be unhealthy.

Having a gaggle of individuals to converse with and share concepts with, drastically aids in sustaining a sure and wholesome outlook whereas holding an individual productive in what must be achieved. 

Know Thy Neighbor 

Getting Started 

The very first thing that must be completed is to create relationships what place there are none. 

If you already know your neighbors then good for you, if you don’t, then get able to knock on some doorways and put a smile in your face!

One of the perfect methods to get to know your neighbors is to have a grill out. This might be completed at a particular home or it may be changed into a neighborhood grill out that takes place on the entrance yards of a number of properties what place everybody can mingle.

Everyone loves a great meal and a grill out gives good things to eat in addition to the chance for folks to spend time with people and to get to know each other. 

Once good relationships have been established the subject of prepping might be eased into by suggesting the formation of a neighborhood watch. This will get folks into the mindset of watching out for others inside the neighborhood and group at giant. 

Once individuals are on board with working collectively throughout an emergency, the remainder of the next classes might be addressed. 

Determining Strength

One of crucial strengths of a group goes to come back from the folks, their skills, and abilities. 

Find out what abilities everybody has and assign duties based mostly on that data. For instance, if somebody has a background within the medical subject then that particular person ought to be designated because the group physician. 

It just isn’t a good suggestion to attempt to drive somebody into an obligation they don’t wish to do. But if they’ve a background in that job then they are going to most definitely be inclined to hold it, simply make certain the selection is theirs.

Determining Weaknesses

Using the above instance, perhaps there may be not an individual inside the neighborhood who has a medical background.

This can be a deficit however somebody who has a flair and curiosity in studying this subject might nonetheless be assigned the duty and thus a weak point is addressed. 


Depending on the kind of catastrophe and the projected timeline for it to be resolved, the safety of a neighborhood will must be addressed. 

Here are some safety considerations which will must be resolved to assist defend a group. 

  • Having a delegated safety element 24/7
  • Having communications obtainable between the safety members in addition to between safety and the remainder of the group. 
  • Shoring up physical weaknesses across the perimeter of the group 
  • Various plans for coping with each inside and outside threats
  • A option to call for outdoor help if that’s an possibility. 

Food and Water

To hold all features of the group working, folks will want the fundamentals like things to eat and water. 

While some folks may have things to eat shares, others might not have as much. 

Food and water might must be shared on a group stage, however this doesn’t essentially imply it has to come back out of your inventory. Sharing private assets ought to be on a volunteer foundation as the choice can certainly trigger tensions to flare. 

Community gardens, searching, fishing, and wild edibles might be carried out to assist hold everybody fed. 

To acquire clean water, rainwater assortment methods might be put in on as many properties as doable or using a non-public nicely might help to maintain everybody hydrated. 

Wrap Up 

Being self-sufficient on a group stage is likely one of the healthiest and best methods to organize for an emergency. 

I hope you loved the article though it didn’t deal with completely every part that have to be completed to maintain a small group or neighborhood functioning. The aim was extra to point out that there are various advantages to creating sure relationships with those who reside closest to you slightly than standing behind a closed window curtain.

One particular person alone can’t rebuild a city, however many hands working facet by facet can elevate, keep, and strengthen a group. 

So, get on the market and know thy neighbor!

Thanks for studying and say ready!

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