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Left Handers Day Pro Tip: If You’re a Lefty, Learn to Shoot Right-Handed


Reader Curtis in IL writes:

While at this time could also be Left Handers Day, should you’re a southpaw like me, you understand the burdens we bear. Besides the being smarter and higher wanting than everybody else, we’re continuously struggling to make use of instruments designed for the opposite 90% of the number living, from measuring cups to musical devices. Everything is constructed backwards.

My mom, additionally a southpaw, was sensible sufficient to show me that it’s simpler to be taught to make use of right-handed instruments than depend on specialty merchandise designed for lefties. For instance, she knew that left-handed scissors wouldn’t at all times be accessible once I wanted them, so she taught me to make use of right-handed scissors, amongst different issues. I’m endlessly grateful to her for that.

Of course i’ve a lefty softball mitt and golf golf equipment. But again once I purchased my first Windows pc, I made the choice to set the mouse up on the proper aspect of the keyboard like everybody else. I knew I might change the settings to work with the left hand, however then what occurs once I want to make use of another person’s pc, or when another person needs to make use of mine? That resolution to turn out to be a right-handed mouse operator has served me properly through the years.

When I obtained my first BB gun as a teen, I realized to shoot right-handed. I’m undecided why. Maybe it’s simply the best way my Dad taught me. I’m glad he did, as a result of once I determined to purchase my first pistol some forty years later, it was apparent that i’d have many extra selections if I wasn’t restricted to “ambidextrous” fashions.

Now, although I write, swing a hammer and wield a chef’s knife left-handed, pulling the set off on a firearm with my proper index finger feels simply as pure. If you suppose that might be troublesome for a lefty, take into account that there are a couple of hundred switch-hitters in Major League Baseball, lots of whom hit higher left-handed.

Also keep in mind that with an extended gun, your left hand grips the forestock and is primarily accountable for stabilizing and aiming the gun, which require high quality motor abilities.

The sensible implications of this technique go far past simply having extra selections in pistols and holsters (to not point out semi-auto rifles, shotguns with a cross-bolt security, and so on.). In a house protection state of affairs, my spouse and i’ve more-or-less equal proficiency with no matter instruments can be found.

We each practice with the identical weapons, although we each have our preferences. Think about this: when the thugs come a-callin’, wouldn’t you fairly have your dominant hand free to dial 911, level a flashlight or maintain a toddler? Finally, throughout enjoyable occasions on the vary, I can shoot anybody’s gun, and so they can shoot mine.

If you’ve been shooting left-handed for a few years, you’ve already realized to take care of the inconveniences that associate with it. And should you aren’t inclined to modify gears at this level, I perceive. But should you’re a lefty who’s new to the world of firearms, I extremely suggest that you just be taught to shoot right-handed from day one. In the tip, you’ll be as grateful to me as I’m to my mom.


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