Liberty Suppressors Announces the New Leonidas Gen 2 Integrally Suppressed AR-15 Upper

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From Liberty Suppressors . . .

Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of our latest silencer design, the Leonidas Gen 2, a centerfire suppressed rifle system for the AR15.

We here at Liberty Suppressors are driven to constantly improve upon our products. We’re happy to introduce the very latest in our quest to level up our line of state of the art suppressors. Available now is the next generation of our Leonidas integrally suppressed .300 blk upper.

The original Leonidas TI was built to maximize suppression and the Gen 2 builds on that legacy, the Leonidas Gen 2 is the next step in achieving the perfect .300 blk rifle.

The new Leonidas Gen 2 balances gas blow back and ejector port noise with world class suppression to give the user an extremely pleasant shooting experience. Here at Liberty Suppressors, we truly believe Leonidas Gen 2 is the king of the 300!

The new Gen 2 features the same 8” monocore suppressor that made its predecessor such a great rifle, only with improvements.

It has a chrome lined Criterion barrel that’s 8.5” long with an 8” monocore suppressor and 5.5” reflex chamber you get a total suppressor length of 13.5” and the barrel is still 16.5” overall and since it’s pinned and welded you won’t need an additional tax stamp. So, you can save more money for ammo.

To top it all off the rail will be a full 12.5” in length and since the overall barrel/suppressor length is only 16.5” this means you will be able to run weapon mounted lights and IR devices as far forward as possible. You no longer have to compromise with a suppressor blocking a portion of your visible/IR light throw.

As always, it will still be available in an option “B” configuration. Allowing you to choose certain components that go into the build that better suit your personal type and style of shooting.

The Leonidas Gen 2, has an MSRP of $2,295

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